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Professional Organiser Jenny Albertini was trained by none other than organising guru Marie Kondo. She shared the best way to pack a suitcase for a holiday in a video shared by the Washington Post.

Jenny began by explaining that the KonMari method encourages people to sort their items into separate categories.

Such categories include clothing, books, paper, miscellaneous, and sentimental.

After separating items into categories, making things a little more concise, suitcase packers must ask themselves which items “spark joy”.

One way of doing this is envisioning what you want from said trip.

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Holidaymakers should also take into account what kind of activities they will be taking part in on their travels.

The most important thing is that nothing goes in the suitcase that does not give them happiness.

For example, those jeans that don’t really fit and flatter your shape – don’t go in the case.

This method is all about putting your “favourite” clothes in the case, because every time you wear or use these things, you’ll feel “better and stronger”.


Once the holidaymaker has selected the items they are going to bring, these items can go into the case.

But rather than just chuck them in any old way – leading to mismatch and crinkles – Jenny suggested a more orderly method.

She explained: “You want to have a long rectangle of everything that you’re folding.

“So keeping the front side of the item sort of on the ground or towards you, you just tuck in everything.”

The expert folded in one arm, then the other, before folding from the bottom.

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Moving onto toiletries, Jenny recommended keeping those separated in different containers.

For example, liquids can go in one container – perfect for airport security – and non-liquids in another.

She then provided a money saving packing hack – “repurposing” items that spark joy.

For example, a cute tote bag given free at an event can be repurposed as a shoes, beach or snack bag.

This saves holidaymakers from having to buy lots of new products for every new trip.


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