Summer Vacation On A Budget? 10 Coastal Destinations More Affordable Than Positano


European summer vacation is a dream come true for most travelers, but the most popular destinations can often be outside the budget. While coastal gems like Positano, Italy, are crowded for a reason, there are many lesser known, more budget-friendly coastal gems in and around Southern Europe and North Africa. Save some money without compromising your beach getaway this summer by visiting one of these beautiful spots.

10 Ksamil, Albania

Ksamil is a quaint village on the Southern Riviera of Albania that offers stunning turquoise waters and white sand beaches. The best part? It’s a fraction of the cost to travel within Albania than in Italy. To get to Ksamil, travelers can fly into Tirana, Albania, or Corfu, Greece, before traveling overland (or by ferry) to charming Ksamil. Albania is 36% cheaper than Italy, ensuring travelers’ budget for accommodation and food goes much further during their stay.

9 Faro, Portugal

West of Italy, travelers can find gorgeous coastlines for lower prices in Portugal. The Algarve Region of the country is in the south of Portugal, and its capital, Faro, is an idyllic destination with all the luxury and comforts of Positano for a lower price. The cost of living in Portugal is 10% cheaper than in Italy, so travelers can expect to pay less in Faro for food and accommodation while still enjoying some of the best beaches and coastlines in the world. Faro has dramatic limestone cliffs protruding from the bright blue waters, and there are plenty of exceptional restaurants serving Portuguese cuisine and fresh seafood.

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8 Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Heading across the waters of the Mediterranean Sea from Italy, travelers will find themselves on the coast of Northern Africa in the capital of Tunisia, Tunis. Just a short drive away from Tunis is the charming seaside town of Sidi Bou Said, which is reminiscent of a Greek Island with its white buildings. The cost of living in Tunisia is 43% cheaper than in Italy, offering a chance for budget travelers to get a taste of luxury here.

7 Alicante, Spain

Spain is known for being one of the most budget-friendly countries to travel to in Western Europe, so it’s no surprise that a coastal city there is more affordable than some of the most popular destinations in Italy. Skip bustling Barcelona and head to the lovely seaside town of Alicante. Spain is 11% cheaper than Italy, and Alicante has a beautiful old town with narrow walking streets called Barrio de la Santa Cruz for travelers to explore.

6 Essaouira, Morocco

Another fantastic North African coastal destination for summer is Essaouira, on the west coast of Morocco. This coastal city sits on the Atlantic Ocean and offers beautiful beaches, a rich history, and exceptional local cuisine. The Medina (old town) in Essaouira is bordered by ramparts lined with canons overlooking the sea. The cost of living in morocco is 34% cheaper than in Italy, meaning travelers can put their funds to good use by staying in a luxurious Riad.

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5 Rovinj, Croatia

Croatia isn’t renowned for being a budget-friendly destination, and during summer, the crowds from tourists in Dubrovnik are inescapable. However, further north in the country is a seaside gem called Rovinj. The Croatian fishing port city has romantic cobbled streets and pebbled beaches lining the Adriatic Sea. Although popular cities like Dubrovnik can be pricey for travelers due to high demand, the cost of living in Croatia is actually 21% less than in Italy.

4 Varna, Bulgaria

Head further east to Bulgaria this summer and find breathtaking beaches on the Black Sea in Varna without the crowds that converge on the Mediterranean. The port city of Varna is also a seaside resort town, so there are plenty of upscale places to relax by the water. Fortunately, Bulgaria is 68% cheaper than Italy, so these seafront resorts don’t come with a hefty price tag.

3 Antalya, Turkey

Turkey is another budget-friendly destination with beauty to rival Positano and the Amalfi Coast. The seaside resort town of Antalya is on the Mediterranean Sea, offering the same sought-after turquoise waters as Italy’s coast, the Greek Islands, without the high price tag. Turkey is 54% more affordable than Italy, and Antalya even has some Roman charm from its time as a Roman port city.

2 Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece is a vibrant country with ancient ruins to explore and lively tavernas where travelers can socialize and eat the night away. While many people fly into Athens before heading to the Greek Islands, keep costs low by spending some time on the beach in Thessaloniki this summer. This gorgeous coastal city is on the Aegean Sea and is most recognizable by its iconic White Tower. As a budget destination for travelers, Greece is one of the best, especially when avoiding costly islands like Santorini or Mykonos.

1 Himara, Albania

Another Albanian coastal gem, Himara, sits on the Ionian Sea and is a gorgeous, historic town on the Albanian Riviera. It’s got a small-town feel with epic mountain views in the distance. The population here is both Greek and Albanian, making it a bilingual destination. To get to Himara, travelers can fly into Albania’s capital of Tirana and then rent a car to drive 4 hours south to this budget-friendly paradise.


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