Thailand’s tourism council urges government to relax restrictions


TCT President Chamnan Srisawat noted that many countries have already relaxed their travel restrictions to rejuvenate tourism. He urged the Thai government to do the same, adding that this would benefit several sectors such as construction, real estate, agriculture, and food, as well as the healthcare and wellness sectors.

Chamnan added that TCT aims to attract at least 16 million visitors to Thailand and 75 million local travellers, hoping to generate 1.2 trillion baht in revenue. Relaxing restrictions would also spur employment and generate billions of baht in tax income.

To achieve this, the TCT has suggested that the administration should end the Thailand Pass scheme and replace the mandatory test-upon-arrival requirement with more convenient antigen tests. The organisation also raised the idea of establishing a fund for human resources and marketing technology; and to provide liquidity for tourism businesses.


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