The 9 Destinations That Are Perfect For Chocolate Lovers


Chocolate is food from the heavens. This confection comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and flavors. Chocolate is a well-beloved treat linked to positive emotions like nostalgia, happiness, and satisfaction. No wonder there are so many chocolate lovers in the world! The love for chocolate is so grand; numerous tourist attractions worldwide are dedicated to chocolate. So chocolate lovers need to pack their suitcases: these nine destinations were made for travelers passionate about chocolate!

9 Hersheypark (Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA)

It’s impossible to leave Hersheypark off a list dedicated to chocolate. Lovers of all things chocolate need to book a vacation in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the world-famous Hershey’s chocolate! The town has a dedicated hotel with a luxurious chocolate spa, as well as Hersheyland, perfect for the whole family. Get some thrills on the park’s roller coasters and grab a bite to eat afterward, whether it’s a burger (doused with some chocolate sauce) or a chocolatey hot fudge sundae.

8 Maison Cailler (Broc, Switzerland)

Ever wondered how chocolate is made? While a river of chocolate is pure fiction, a real chocolate factory exists in La Gruyère. Maison Cailler is a must-visit in Broc, creating chocolates since 1898 using farm-fresh local milk. Take a tour (which lasts about 60 to 90 minutes) to learn some history about the Cailler Family. Visitors will also learn (and see) how chocolate is made on the production floor, followed by a sample tasting of Cailler’s chocolates. Inspired tourists can also craft their own chocolate bars at Maison Cailler!

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7 Halloren Schokoladenmuseum (Halloren Chocolate Factory) (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

Chocolate lovers should venture to Halle and visit Germany’s oldest chocolate factory. This chocolate factory has an extensive chocolate room featuring artwork using an interesting (yet delicious) medium: chocolate! The room even has chocolate furniture and sculptures. Don’t forget to awe at the largest Halloren chocolate ball, which weighs over 200 kg and is filled with a mix of cream-cacao and dark chocolate. Visitors can also make their candy bars at the Halloren Chocolate Factory.

6 Bariloche, Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche (commonly referred to as Bariloche) is blessed with crystal blue lakes and stunning mountain vistas. However, it’s also Argentina’s chocolate capital! Visitors heading to Bariloche usually do so to enjoy their ski resorts in Winter, but the city is studded with numerous chocolate shops and boutiques. Sample some of the finest chocolates in the world and walk down Mitre Avenue for more chocolatey delights.

5 The Chocolate Trail (Hong Kong)

Ever wondered what teas pair best with which chocolate variety? If so, then Hong Kong’s Chocolate Trail can help chocolate lovers decide! Hong Kong’s annual Chocolate Trail is a pilgrimage for lovers of all things chocolate. Held every year (usually) from January to February, chocolate lovers can explore different international chocolate brands while trying an array of chocolate-infused beverages and desserts. They also feature sculptures made from the most delicious medium in the world: chocolate! Other perks like chocolate tastings, workshops, and demonstrations can be witnessed at the Chocolate Trail.

4 Cadbury World (Birmingham, England)

Located in Birmingham, Cadbury World is one of the UK’s greatest attractions for kids (and adults who can’t get enough chocolate). A perfect family-fun attraction, Cadbury World features countless exhibits that recount tales of chocolate’s origins and its journey to Europe. Ride the ‘Beanmobiles’ and learn more about the beloved chocolate company, or take a 4D journey into the world of chocolate! As the last stop, make a DIY chocolate bar and buy some tasty souvenirs.

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3 Le Musée Art Du Chocolat (Midi Pyrenées, France)

Paris is recognized for their incredible pastry shops, but the country has other attractions for travelers with a sweet tooth. For instance, France’s Museum of the Art of Chocolate is not only an art exhibit that showcases the beauty of chocolate through art (like massive, intricate sculptures); the museum is also an educational experience to learn about the confection’s ancient origins (and production). Admire the complex sculptures made by various artists that required heaps of chocolate while sampling some of the most exquisite chocolate.

2 Ganong Chocolate Museum (New Brunswick, Canada)

Chocolate is widely available in many parts of the world today, thanks to the magic of machinery. However, crafting chocolate with human hands is sometimes superior to that made from efficient machines. To witness this majestic craft, chocoholics can venture to the Ganong Chocolate Museum in New Brunswick and watch chocolate-makers hand-making the well-loved confection. At the same time, tourists can learn about the Ganong family and their dedication to keeping a centuries-long tradition alive in Canada.

1 Lindt Home Of Chocolate (Zurich, Switzerland)

Be sure to experience Switzerland’s luxurious train rides, but don’t forget their chocolate. Velvet-like, smooth, and creamy comes to mind when one thinks of Lindt chocolate. Switzerland is known for its divine chocolate-making skills and is the birthplace of the internationally recognized Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate company. When in Zurich, chocolate lovers can explore a museum solely dedicated to chocolate while witnessing chocolatiers at work making chocolates by hand. Perhaps the attraction piece de resistance is the nine-meter chocolate fountain!


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