The Home Edit Shares 3 Packing Tips for No-Stress Travel


  • Joanna Teplin co-founded The Home Edit, a lifestyle brand and home organization company. 
  • Teplin spilled her secrets to staying organized while on the road in an interview with Insider.
  • Teplin’s tips work for solo travelers, big families, and even young children. 

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Whether setting out on a 10-day cruise or a two-day business trip, The Home Edit’s Joanna Teplin knows it’s challenging to pack a bag, let alone keep luggage spick and span on the go. 

So we tapped her for her professional organizer secrets.

Teplin, alongside Clea Shearer, founded the lifestyle brand and home organization company The Home Edit, which melds traditional organizing with interior design. The pair launched the company in 2015, and have grown the brand to its immense success over the course of seven years. 

The Home Edit has made headlines for helping celebrities like Khloe Kardashian organize her infamous walk-in pantry — twice — and was acquired by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine in February of this year.  In addition to their


series, “Get Organized with the Home Edit,” the pair has authored books, including “The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals.” 

Teplin shared her favorite packing tips during a conversation with Insider this month. 

Teplin starts by making a list of what she needs for a trip

When it comes to organizing luggage, packing to the brim can be more stressful than helpful. Teplin admits that she still struggles with overpacking, like many travelers. 

“We can all be guilty of [overpacking], but the best thing you can do is to be streamlined when thinking through your trip,” Teplin told Insider. She added that the goal is to avoid extra clutter in your bag. 

Woman attempting to close suitcase.

Joanna Teplin said she also struggles with overpacking.

Carol Yepes/Getty Images

For every trip, Teplin makes a detailed list of what items she needs. Anything else that crosses her mind can stay home. 

“I have a notes list, and I go through to make sure that I have everything,” Teplin said. “It’s easy to forget something as simple as socks if you don’t have a list right in front of you.” 

Teplin suggests using packing cubes and squares to keep luggage organized

Organized luggage

Joanna Teplin suggested using packing cubes to stay organized while traveling.

Natalia Kostikova / EyeEm/Getty Images

According to Teplin, organizing packing cubes by different categories — like “shirts” or “underwear” — helps on any trip.

“We love — and stand behind — packing cubes that come in all shapes and sizes,” Teplin said, referring to her Home Edit team. “With each packing square, you can identify it by either day of the week or by activity.” 

Teplin explained that one packing cube may hold your Saturday outfit, while another has your wellness items like medicine or Nature Made Wellblends. 

“Having it all separated helps you with the packing but also unpacking when you get to the hotel,” Teplin said.

She added that bringing a packing cube dedicated to used clothes or a laundry bag is a plus for the return home. 

Packing cubes are also great for teenagers and children to teach personal organization

Woman and child with their luggage at a hotel.

Packing cubes are a great way to teach children personal organization, she added.

Image Source/Getty Images

Teplin, a mother-of-two, said that packing cubes have another benefit: it allows kids and teenagers to pack themselves. She explained that they get practice organizing their own luggaage, and in the process, it takes some stress off of parents. 

“I love having the travel squares for each person in the family, so that everyone’s responsible,” Teplin told Insider. “My kids know how to best pack them, so that everyone can stay organized on the trip.” 

Teplin explained you may even nip the overpacking in the bud. Encourage children to use these good tools throughout their life, she said. 


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