The little-known travel destinations set to become wildly popular during post-pandemic travel



As grounded travellers begin to plan their post-pandemic excursion, there are many factors to consider. After a year and a half of trips marred by restrictions and risk, many of us are craving boundary-pushing, unique experiences worthy of the long wait.

When it comes to choosing holiday destinations, there’s an overwhelming awareness of the great economic impact of COVID-19. Many smaller countries have faced huge losses, with some of the most tourist-dependent destinations feeling the worst of it.

Stasher has scoured the Globe for the dream post-pandemic holiday locations which deserve to be spotlighted as we begin to travel again. Here are the top seven destinations you won’t want to miss out on when planning your next big trip abroad:


Cambodia’s summer runs through Europe’s winter, making it the perfect destination for catching some sun. With a balmy temperature of 30 degrees Celcius through November to April, Cambodia has attractions for all kinds of agendas.

Get some much-needed rest on one of Cambodia’s many white sand beaches in Koh Rong, or if you’re looking to explore some iconic history and culture, head to Angkor Wat.


Conveniently situated between common bucket-list destinations Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is often overlooked by tourists travelling through South America. Despite its little-known status, Uruguay is a fascinating country with plenty of nature to explore.

The landscape is interspersed with wetlands, different types of native forests and bodies of water, including coastal lagoons.

Its wide-open spaces and low population density means Uruguay is perfect for visitors wanting to explore on their own terms, providing seclusion among some stunning scenery.


A true enigma of south Europe, Albania is a hidden treasure trove of history and cultural splendour. Sites such as Rozafa Castle showcase expansive monuments from the past – history which can be found dotted throughout Albania.

The Castle was originally a stronghold for the Illyrians, an Indo-European tribe from Ancient times. The nearby Albanian Alps offer keen hikers a challenge, with mountainous terrain sure to keep any active traveller on their toes.


For many visiting the Middle East, Jordan has masses of potential for tourists wanting to experience the greatest natural wonders in the world on a budget.

From sand dune surfing at Wadi Rum, swimming in the sparklingly clear waters of the Dead Sea, or exploring ancient civilisations at the esteemed city of Petra, the possibilities are endless for all kinds of adventurers.


Dubbed the Spice Isle, Grenada is perfect for those looking for a low-key island getaway.

With a lush green mountainous landscape, soft white beaches, and tall, cascading waterfalls, Grenada is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret when it comes to island paradises.


For those wanting to get up close and personal to the most exotic marine life on the planet, look no further than the Seychelles. Surrounded by a myriad of coral reefs, beaches and nature reserves, there is a wealth of plant and animal life waiting to be explored.

In between discovering new and fascinating species, visitors can soak up the sun in one of the Seychelles’ many glamorous beach resorts.


Known as the Las Vegas of the East, Macau is a destination ripe for exploration due to its status as a cultural melting pot of Asian and European influences. Whether it’s the casinos and giant strip malls lining inner-city Macau, or the blend of Portuguese and Cantonese architecture, visitors will be blown away by its unique characteristics.


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