The Top Alternative Cruise Destinations


When it comes to going on a cruise, most of us will probably think of the Caribbean, or perhaps, somewhere in the Mediterranean. These are all pretty standard as far as cruises go. Why not try something different? If you search hard enough, you’ll find many alternative cruising destinations worth considering. These destinations are suitable for the adventurous who want to try something new. 

So, check out this list of the top alternative cruise destinations.


Namibia is a true wilderness. As one of the least dense population countries in the world, it’s a land of endless dunes, limitless horizons, and oases of fascinating wildlife and incredible ancient cultures. While most people would associate Namibia with a wildlife safari, the country is also a great destination for cruising.

The port town of Walvis Bay along Namibia’s coast is where most cruises would take place. Perched high up the Pelican Point, the town is sheltered from rugged surf stretching towards the enchanting Skeleton Coast. The stunning areas around Walvis Bay are best explored aboard a catamaran or kayak, where you get to encounter some curious wildlife. As one of the few deep-water ports along the African coast, the bay had been coveted by the British and Germans before being handed over to Namibia. 

Most visitors to Walvis Bay would come here for its natural sights, including the vast desert sands and tranquil lagoons. Venture inland and into the rolling sands of the Namib Desert for an unforgettable safari where you can spot elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, and more!


With its impressive diversity of landscapes, cruising Iceland is a truly captivating experience. During your cruise, you’ll encounter breathtaking fjords and spectacular cascading waterfalls. It is a place where ice fields stretch out into the horizon, and mighty glaciers carve their way through mountains. 

One of the most popular ways of discovering Iceland on a cruise is to go on a circumnavigational trip around the island and make stops at the country’s various ports. It allows you to see each of the country’s unparalleled regions and soak up the magnificent beauty of the Icelandic coastline. Stop off at Reykjavik and rent a luxury car to explore Iceland landscapes and top attractions. Reykjavik has two main harbours, the Old Harbour and the New Harbour, with several quays that your boat can dock at. 

Most cruises in Iceland will arrive at the New Harbour, also known as Skarfabakki. The port is close to some of the country’s popular attractions like the Laugardalslaug swimming pool. On the other hand, the Old Harbour is less frequently stopped by cruise ships. It’s mainly a private marina and where most whale watching tours would depart from.

Dome of the Rock Jerusalem


When going on a cruise to the Mediterranean, most people would choose Croatia, Greece or France. But a more interesting alternative is Israel. The country has a fascinating history, incredible religious sights, amazing beaches, and captivating ruins. 

Israel is becoming a popular destination for tourists going on a cruise, with most itineraries including stops at the ports of Haifa and Ashdod. Most of these excursions will spend the night in Haifa before heading to Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv. The most convenient way to go cruising in Israel is to book one of those Mediterranean cruises that will also stop in other countries along the Mediterranean, such as Cyprus, Egypt, and Greece. These cruises are well-suited to those looking to explore archaeology, religion, and history. 

During your stops in Israel, you’ll embark on a tour of the country’s most popular sites. The Port of Haifa lies along the edge of Israel’s Galilee region, located in the northern part of the country. It’s where you will find the magnificent Bahai Gardens, one of Israel’s most popular tourist destinations. Beyond Haifa, there are loads of other options for day trips within an hour’s drive from the port. The Sea of Galilee, especially significant to the Christian religion, is only an hour away.

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Venice, Italy


With its natural beauty and vibrant history dating back thousands of years, Italy offers tons of interesting attractions that fascinate all kinds of travellers. The country’s historical and cultural heritage is among the richest in the world. In fact, Italy has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

The best way to discover Italy’s many incredible sites is to go on a cruise. Sail along the Mediterranean Coast and stop at the country’s most beautiful beaches. You can also go camping in Tuscany by the beach and take up some fun water activities.  

Don’t forget to discover some of Italy’s most beautiful cities, such as Venice, with its canals and reputation as one of the world’s most romantic cities. Spend some time discovering Rome, home to Italy’s most famous landmark, the Colosseum. But that’s not all. There’s also the picturesque Tuscan countryside with its stunning vineyards, as well as Sardinia and Sicily, famous for their idyllic beaches and charming seaside villages.


The Arctic is one of the world’s most fascinating destinations. The scenery in this part of the world is simply breathtaking. Icebergs and volcanic mountains extend as far as the eye can see, and amidst it all, you could come across interesting wildlife roaming around, from polar bears to caribou and arctic fox.

One of the highlights of your cruise at the Arctic is a visit to Svalbard, an archipelago lying halfway between the North Pole and Norway. It offers a wealth of natural sites and interesting wildlife, including the polar bear and reindeer. Out into the sea, watch out for spouting whales and lounging walrus as your boat cruises past icebergs and glaciers.

Greenland is another destination you’ll visit on your cruise of the Arctic. Its coastal water is some of the most beautiful in the world. And as your boat traverses along the coast, you’ll be surrounded by towering cliffs and colossal ice sculptures. Meanwhile, the Canadian Arctic is as remote as it is beautiful. It’s one of the least discovered frontiers in the world. Your expedition here will take you deep into the Arctic Circle, where you’ll discover some of the most impressive glacier landscapes and a diverse offering of marine wildlife.


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