Home Destinations This Boracay Italian Restaurant is 21 years old and counting

This Boracay Italian Restaurant is 21 years old and counting

This Boracay Italian Restaurant is 21 years old and counting

ARIA continues to thrive as tourists and locals line up for authentic Italian dishes

Imagine sinking your teeth into the cheesy goodness of a crispy yet moist prosciutto pizza slice that’s baked fresh inside a wood-fired brick oven, prepared by an Italian Chef, no less. As you’re taking the bite, strings of melty cheese are pulled away, and also you savor the flavors of Italy bursting in your palate. You take a look at the view of sparkling blue seas from a cushty second-floor dining balcony and feel the fantastic, powdery sand between your toes as you head out. No must imagine for long, it is a reality at ARIA Cucina Italiana.

ARIA Boracay Italian Restaurant
ARIA Boracay Italian Restaurant

Established in 2003 on world-renowned Boracay island, the 21-year-old beachfront restaurant stands the test of time with its authentic cuisine, owned by entrepreneurs Juan Elizalde and Paolo Occhionero, under the leadership of Italian Executive Chef, Salvatore Vincentis. Vincentis’ delectable and authentic creations proceed to wow people from all around the globe. No wonder, his standards within the kitchen are strict, especially in terms of the freshness and quality of ingredients, as some are even flown in straight from Italy in order to not compromise their delicious Italian fare. ARIA’s curated menu is essentially the most comprehensive one on the island, with dishes catering to varied tastes and preferences.

Aria’s seaview second-floor dining area
Aria’s seaview second-floor dining area

Aside from their high-quality ingredients, it’s the wood-fired brick oven that makes their pizzas truly delicious. It packs on the flavour, because of the extraordinary heat it generates that cooks the pizza quickly, leading to a crisp crust while locking in moisture and flavor. The wood imparts a particular smoky flavor to the pizza you’ll be able to’t achieve with other cooking methods. It also tends to maintain authenticity alive as they’ve been used for hundreds of years in Italy and other parts of the world for baking bread and cooking pizza. The tradition and craftsmanship related to these ovens add a component of authenticity to the pizza-making process, which ARIA guests surely love.

ARIA has been providing the best Italian fare in Boracay for 21 years and counting
ARIA has been providing the most effective Italian fare in Boracay for 21 years and counting

Their extensive number of 26 pizza varieties inspired by various regions in Italy (ask for the key menu in case you want half-and-half options, and for large groups, you’ll be able to make it La Famiglia) is certain to impress you. For other menu items, you too can take pleasure in their Fritto di Calamari con Maionese Elle Erbe and Prosciutto e Mango, each considered a few of the most effective appetizers on the island. As for salads, it’s the Cocomero Salad that folks quite repeatedly enjoy. For pasta lovers, there are the special black fettuccine pasta dishes with the Fettuccine Nere and Al Nero. The Chicken Parmigiana, baked to perfection of their brick oven, can be a crowd favorite. To try something latest, our Gnocchi alla Sorrentina AKA potato dumplings are an underrated delight. To quench your thirst, additionally they offer Italian cocktails with an extensive list of wines which might be sure to enhance your mouth-watering dishes. To finish your meal on a sweet note, treat yourself to ARIA Tris di Dolci or their perfectly creamy ARIA Gelato with a large choice of 18 flavors, made fresh day by day with imported ingredients. With all gelato flavors crafted day by day, it’s undeniably the best ice cream dessert experience in Boracay.

ARIA’s dedicated and enthusiastic team
ARIA’s dedicated and enthusiastic team

ARIA Cucina Italiana continues to thrive as a top-of-mind Italian beachfront restaurant, despite all of the challenges it faced during Boracay’s closures for the island rehabilitation in 2018, after which followed by the pandemic in 2020. Selecting to remain open to maintain staff employed, they continued operations and adapted a digital system for online orders and delivery. The short transition has been helpful, as their online orders are still up and running. Their long-standing core and front dining team show gratitude by staying excellent of their service which is reflected of their diners’ satisfied experiences.

With 21 years of authentic Italian food that never compromises on taste and quality, and best-rated reviews on TripAdvisor and Google, you should definitely expect many more to return.

Visit ARIA Cucina Italiana at D’Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island.
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