This California Lake Town Is One Of The Best Summer Destinations In America


The most popular Summer lake town destination in California might not surprise you. It is an extremely popular travel destination for tourists, and remains a favorite among locals.

According to a list compiled by Thrillist, the best Summer lake town destination in all of California is South Lake Tahoe. South Lake Tahoe is a scenic town that is known for throwing crazy parties on the water. It is a popular Spring break destination, but at the same time; it can be a nice place to relax in nature.

Here is what Thrillist had to say about South Lake Tahoe:

“This town on the Californian side of Lake Tahoe is a solid destination pretty much any time of year, but it’s the summers here that really bring out the best of what this lake has to offer—namely, booze-fueled parties on the water. Yes, it can get a little rowdy, and anywhere within driving distance of a major California city is prone to huge crowds. But even if you’re not in the mood to deal with people who want to extend spring break to summer, there are plenty of ways to enjoy nature. When you’re on a cruise through Emerald Bay, taking in the turquoise water and towering trees, you’ll barely notice the throngs nearby.”

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