This Expat Runs A Travel Concierge And Tourism Consulting Service In Jamaica


Photo by Rock Staar

I’ve been researching and traveling Jamaica for over 15 years, and over this timespan, I’ve brought many of my friends and family to Jamaica and I’ve even produced and executed a faculty-led study abroad for 18 students across the island! I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with my guests, building their itineraries and even designing their travel experiences in such a way that their trips were always personalized and authentic. In my research, I have learned so much about people’s lived experiences as tourists in Jamaica, but thanks to my students, friend groups, and family, I have also experienced the personal growth, renewal, and healing that traveling to Jamaica can bring to others. 

In 2019 I was awarded the opportunity to move to Jamaica as a Fulbright Scholar

By living in Jamaica, after just traveling there for so long, I would finally have the space to reflect on how the skills and experience I’d gained through being an academician, administrator, mentor, and traveler had the potential to become a beautiful fusion in the next phase of my career and life. I was encouraged to pursue establishing Teach. Learn. Travel. Jamaica by the people who had traveled to Jamaica with me in the past. They felt like my love of Jamaica radiated from deep within me and that I enabled them to have more than just a tourist experience. They felt that their experiences were truly transformative. I decided from there to combine my expertise along with the expansive network of partnerships that I’d made across the island to design authentic and uncommon travel experiences for small and large groups to learn, grow, bond and renew their spirits in Jamaica.

Teach. Learn. Travel Jamaica, LLC is now a specialized travel concierge and tourism consulting service that curates the perfect blend of educational, cultural, and spiritual tourism experiences in Jamaica. I carefully craft personalized, experience-focused itineraries while providing holistic and customized approaches to travel that include immersive activities, unforgettable package experiences, and opportunities for presentations and consulting.


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