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Tips for affordable train travel in and around London

27 April 2022


The London Underground offers keen travellers plentiful train connections throughout the day and a selection of overnight trains to popular destinations. This makes it easy to explore the landmarks and attractions in London’s city centre, as well as access further routes to nearby cities like Bath, Cambridge, Manchester, and many others, or venture further afield to famous cities in Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire.

The Tube is the oldest underground metro in the world! Tracks run both above and below ground, linking passengers to almost all of London’s most popular tourist areas and counties. The Overground is a more recent addition to the network and it operates in parallel with the Tube, taking passengers above ground. The Docklands Light Railway is an automated rail system that takes passengers to and from the Docklands area in London.

From several stations in London (including Paddington, Waterloo, Charing Cross, Kings Cross St Pancras and a number of other, smaller options) passengers can book trains depending on their destination on the London Northeastern, Great Western and Southern Railway.

Cheap trains to and from London

To make the most of a travel budget, it’s worth looking out for cheap train tickets, special seasonal deals and off-peak ratesHere are some money-savvy tips to get the best out of travel time in and around London:

How to save money on train tickets to London

  • Compare prices, departure times and different rail companies to get the cheapest fares.
  • Download the Omio app to find the cheapest fares in the right time slot and keep track of special seasonal rates.
  • Book early! Travellers can save up to 50% by booking as early as possible.
  • Avoid peak travel times and pay less travelling during off-peak hours.
  • Opt for a railcard to qualify for special discounts.
  • Ask about booking fees and try and avoid them.
  • Ask about discounts for students and seniors when booking.

Top attractions in London

The iconic London Eye, pretty green spaces around the River Thames, and the majestic Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle are just a few reasons to visit London. Visitors can relax in the city’s gardens, enjoy lunch and a beer at one of the cosy pubs or venture outside of the city with a day trip to Stonehenge. For the younger ones there are Harry Potter tours, the London Aquarium, the British Museum and range of kids’ amusement parks to explore. London is a definite must-do holiday trip for the whole family.

There are even some great places to enjoy in London when it’s raining, with activities on offer like these delicious pastry tasting sessions. There’s a huge variety of attractions to visit in the city of London.

England’s capital is great for special occasions: couples can spend Valentine’s Day taking photos of Big Ben, book a B&B just outside the city in the British countryside for Christmas, or spend Easter touring the city’s famous parks and gardens – and, of course, there are endless gorgeous venues in which to treat your mom to a special lunch next Mother’s Day.

London is a great holiday destination and is perfect for day trips or longer stays. One can take the London Underground to just about anywhere in the city and even venture further afield with direct transport to Scotland and Wales. There are excellent bargains to be had when it comes to saving money on rail tickets if buyers are budget-savvy and book early, and there are plenty of excellent attractions for the whole family to enjoy. London is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and a fascinating city all round!

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