Tips for travel and photography lovers with Sam Freij


“Tips for travel and photography lovers with Sam Freij”

“Videography” is the best partner for every adventure. Travel photography blogs and vlogs are great sources of inspiration. Both for travelling around the world and the photography that comes with it. They can provide useful tips and destination ideas as well. and here some tips for travel and photography lovers provided by the travel blogger Sam Freij.

Travel videography and photography are considered as basic element of travel blog. Travel bloggers from all over the world use to share some photos and videos which they capture during their travel. And that’s how they relate to their blog! How it comes if those photos and videos are high quality ones, really worked on and taken by the best lenses ever!

“Choosing equipment for shooting is another difficult task. If you ask the opinion of experts, which is the best camera for video, you will get many options. After years in the market, and after trying out different tools and ways to take photos and videos while traveling, I prepared these tips to ease the work for you travel and photography lovers.” – Sam Freij.

Best current video and photo mobile phone

It’s the iPhone 13 Pro due to its size and the three large cameras setup. The Pro camera system gets its biggest upgrade ever. With next-level hardware that captures so much more detail. Super intelligent software for new photo and filmmaking techniques. And a mind-blowingly fast chip that makes it all possible. It’ll change the way you shoot.

– It makes you utilize the sunlight to your advantage always test with several shots to understand how sunlight impacts your final content

– Keep your camera lens clean, carry a mini microfiber lens wipe with at all times

– When uploading connect to Instagram take your time to edit exposure, warmth, vibrancy and definition prior to upload

– Go Instagram settings and allow or enable high quality uploads in order to capture higher post engagement

– Explore DJI Gimbal a stabilizer for image that you can mount your iPhone on for major image enhancement connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth IOS app

DJI Gimbal is an amazing technology that was and still used in Hollywood film making.

Sam said once, “Keep in mind, you do not have to invest into a super high dollar camera like Canon or Olympus in order to generate awesome content for social media.”

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