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With travel restrictions lifting and more folks feeling comfortable traveling again, now’s the perfect time to plan a group getaway with loved ones and friends you’ve seen little of in the pandemic.

Not sure how to navigate Tucson’s top group destinations? Never fear—National Charter Bus can make it easy. Simply call ahead with your headcount and itinerary, and this nationwide network of minibus and charter bus rentals can service nearly every trip you have in mind. Get in touch by calling 1-844-755-0510 to reserve a Tucson bus rental today.

Here are just a few of the group-friendly destinations Tucson has to offer:

Saguaro National Park

The saguaro cactus is synonymous with the Arizona landscape, and there are few places you can see as many of these succulent beauties as in Saguaro National Park, located right outside Tucson. Here, groups of outdoor adventurers of all skill levels enjoy hiking along desert trails, biking up and down the rocky hills, and camping under the stars.

Even if you want to take it all in without dealing with the sweltering heat, this national park offers plenty of scenic drives with picturesque overlooks into the cacti-riddled valleys below—so you can enjoy the beautiful desert sights without leaving the comfort of a climate-controlled charter bus cabin!

Pima Air & Space Museum

Welcome to the world’s largest aerospace museum that is not funded by a government! This center for education houses nearly 300 aircraft from across the decades and spans over 80 acres. A visit here can easily fill 3 to 4 hours of your day, or even longer if you take your time and ask your guide questions.

Groups of 20 or more people need to reserve entry tickets at least a week before your visit but can benefit from discounted admission rates and complimentary tickets depending on how many folks are in your tour group. The museum’s parking lot offers plenty of spots for oversized vehicles such as RVs and charter bus rentals—so the more, the merrier!

Spencer’s Observatory

Stargazers young and old are sure to love a night out at this Cat Mountain Station spectacle! This observatory offers a variety of large telescopes designed for taking in the night sky, as well as a custom-built patio with a retractable roof. Book a few hours for a guided star tour, and your Tucson group will walk away with new knowledge of astronomy, the solar system, and our constellations.

This venue is best suited for smaller or medium-sized groups of up to 10, which makes a minibus shuttle the ideal ride between the observatory and your other Tucson destinations. Rather than relying on public transportation, let a private shuttle rental whisk your stargazers to stops within the town—all on a route and schedule you set.

Tucson Museum of Art

One of the best ways to explore the area’s sense of culture is to take a tour of this esteemed museum and gallery. Here, patrons can admire works of art from across the centuries—from Indigenous and Latin American artifacts to modern sculptures and photography from around the world. And when you’re prepping for your day exploring the museum’s exhibits, your entire group can easily stash sketch books and cameras in your Tucson bus rental’s ample storage spaces so your aisleways and laps are clutter-free while you’re on the road. Ask your reservation representative about securing a bus rental with DVD players, TV screens, and WiFi so your art enthusiasts can screen documentaries and look up their favorite arts in preparation for their visit!

Why Rent a Charter Bus in Tucson?

When it comes to group transportation, there are many reasons why renting a Tucson charter bus can ease your travel plans. National Charter Bus makes it simple, easy, and stress-free to find the ideal group transportation service to suit your group’s size, schedule, and amenity needs—so your passengers will always have a customized bus rental, no matter where your Tucson travels take you!

Not to mention, renting a bus in Tucson can save you time and money in the long run. If you split the cost of a charter bus rental amongst the passengers aboard, many groups find their bus rental costs the same (if not less!) than railing multiple rideshares or taxis throughout the trip—plus, you don’t have to wait around on the curb for your ride to arrive! Simply hop aboard your private charter bus rental or minibus shuttle and let the professionals ease your Tucson group travels with efficient and reliable transportation.



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