Top 5 African Travel Destinations To Visit This August


Depending on where you go, the worst of the winter chill is over, the skies are clear, and the weather is generally stunning to cater for those looking for some much-needed sun after the colder months. If you’re not a fan of the beach or safaris, you might consider visiting Lake Volta as an excellent alternative. This is the largest artificial reservoir in the world based on surface area and generates a significant amount of the country’s electricity. To put its size in perspective, Lake Volta covers almost 4% of the land area of Ghana. You can fish to your heart’s content or enjoy any of the excellent variety of exotic and luxurious hotels near the lake. The Bazaruto Archipelago of Mozambique is a chain of six islands strung out in the Indian Ocean. You can relax, escape and explore to your heart’s content. From diving to see the exquisite marine life, sipping a sundowner on the beach, or going adventuring along the coast, Mozambique provides for an amazing fun-filled adventure to entertain the entire family. There’s something to be said for staying in a stunning beach villa and watching the sun set in the evenings.



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