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Top 5 travel destinations to visit during a monsoon Eid in Bangladesh

Top 5 travel destinations to visit during a monsoon Eid in Bangladesh

This year, we are again being able to celebrate Eid with pomp and grandeur in full spirit as the deadly clasp of the pandemic over our lives finally enervated. With the festive spirit omnipresent in the atmosphere, we cannot help but plan our Eid vacation to the fullest this time!   

If you are in the mood to pack your bags and go somewhere far away from the madding crowd, then you are up for an experience of a lifetime because this year, Eid coincides with the monsoon season, and it is during this time of the year when you can witness the unblemished natural beauty of Bengal.

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So, here are the top five travel destinations for you to consider this Eid ul Fitr.


Ratargul Swamp Forest is one of the few freshwater swamp forests to exist in the world. It has an ecosystem consisting of several species of diverse snakes, birds and plants. Being connected to India via the Gowain River, the swamp forest witnesses an upsurge in water levels during the monsoon season.

This is when the true celestial beauty of the forest is awakened and the entirety of the forest becomes submerged under water and the canopy of plants high above the ground covers the forest like an umbrella. Traversing across the river by a boat while listening to the chirping of birds and pitter-patter of raindrops on the leaves is truly a serene experience amid nature.


If one wishes to rejoice in the comfort of the monsoon season in Bangladesh, then Sylhet is the place to be. Miles and miles of lush greenery come alive during the pluvial period and every sight is breath taking and soothing to the eyes. Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh where you can easily spend a few days with nature.

The acres upon acres of leafy tea gardens and sprawling fields are dotted with tranquil lakes and gushing waterfalls. The Lawachara National Park located within is home to various species of trees and animals. Madhabpur Lake and Baikka Beel are best enjoyed during sunset to absorb the peacefulness of nature while sipping on a cup of freshly brewed tea.


During the monsoon season, the beauty of a haor transcends to more than just pristine landscapes of sunset and sunrise. In Tanguar Haor, you can experience the thrill of monsoon to its fullest and soak in the gorgeous panoramic views that it does not offer during other times of the year.

Entering deep into the haor that is brimming with water shall transport you to a quiet world as the monotony of your robotic life starts to dwindle with the humming of nature. To fully enjoy the experience, spend a night on a boat while staring at the star-studded sky and finding contentment in its nocturnal beauty.    


There is probably nothing more soothing than standing before a majestic waterfall. Nafa-Khum, which is deeply nestled inside the forest of Bandarban is among the largest waterfalls in the country owing to its glistening sheet of rapidly falling water. Despite its depth of location, it is relatively easy to reach during the monsoon season.

The journey towards it is adventurous by itself, which covers trekking through the forest while enjoying the sound and magnificence of nature. It also involves an awe-inspiring boat ride along the pristine Remakree and Sangu Rivers to reach the crashing waters of Nafa-Khum Waterfalls, which offers a glimpse of the splendour of nature.


Donning the creed of being the world’s largest mangrove forest and a Unesco World Heritage site, the Sundarbans have an abundance of natural beauty within its regal territory. The peaceful environment inundated with nature is tranquilising to the soul and spirit. 

Other than soaking in the freshness of lush greenery, The Sundarbans is replete with small beaches and islands that can be enjoyed throughout the day, especially during sunset. You can also take a walk through the dense forest that is home to thousands of species of plants and animals. Hiron Point, or Nilkomol, is the most popular spot to pay a visit in the Sundarbans.


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