Top Five Emerging Destinations in Greece


Though Greece is one of the most well-visited destinations in the world, tourists generally tend to congregate in just a few spots throughout the country: mostly Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. However, as more travelers venture off the beaten path, some emerging destinations in Greece are enjoying a surge in tourism.

The Cycladic Islands will likely retain their hold on most international island tourism for a while. However, many travelers are attempting to have somewhat different experiences, to visit lesser known destination or even see what Greece is like in Winter. (Hint: It’s beautiful.)

Greek Reporter spoke to industry insiders who pointed out a number of fast-growing destinations throughout the over 200 Greek islands and mainland.

Peloponnese: Top Emerging Destination in Greece

Ioanna Dretta, of Marketing Greece, pointed to the Peloponnese as one of the fastest-growing regions of Greece in terms of international tourism.

According to Dretta, the Peloponnese “combines diverse natural landscapes, major cultural landmarks such as Ancient Epidaurus, Ancient Olympia and Mycenae, and is ideal for road trips.”

Grecian Delight supports Greece

Regions usually under the tourist radar, including the rocky peninsula of Mani, the historic city of Nafplio, and the castle town of Monemvasia, are enjoying an upswing in tourism.

The Peloponnese retains a great deal of authenticity in its small towns, which lures many travelers to its regions. The peninsula also has exquisite, locally-grown gourmet delicacies, something many tourists value today.

Crete: Greece’s Biggest Island

In second place for emerging destinations in Greece we find Crete, the country’s largest island. Located in the southernmost point of Greece — and indeed, all of Europe — Crete is different from most Greek islands in several ways.

First of all, the Cretan culture is completely unique and carries its own proud history. Second, the island is so large that it makes for great road trips, and it has beautiful hikes and gorges for outdoorsy travelers to explore in the interior of the country.

According to Marketing Greece, Crete provides travelers “a wonderful blend of culture, food, mountain activities and sea adventures, as well as a unique way of life.”

Though select spots in Crete were always popular with British tourists — such as the town of Malia — the rest of the island is attracting a broader range of travelers. Chania and Rethymno, two of Crete’s major cities, welcome many Greek and foreign tourists every year.

Rhodes: The Medieval Island

Rhodes is enjoying a resurgence in popularity among foreign tourists of late. As the largest of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes has a great deal of variety in experiences and attractions for travelers to enjoy.

The top attraction is hands down the island’s Medieval Town. Rhodes also tends to attract higher-income tourists, as the area is renowned for its many luxury hotels and resorts. It is also one of the few Greek islands with a casino.

Tourists looking for a vibrant island city life, as well as quieter corners and sandy beaches to relax on, will find everything they are looking for in Rhodes. Frequent domestic flights and ferries from Athens also make Rhodes a very accessible destination.

Corfu: The Queen of the Ionian

Many British travelers now recognize the glories of Corfu, thanks to the island providing the backdrop for the award-winning television series “The Durrells.”

Regarding the staggeringly beautiful and historic island, Dretta says, “with remarkable Venetian influence, lush countryside, tranquil coves ringed by sandy shores and unique flavors,” Corfu is definitely inching its way to the top of many travelers’ lists.

Some of the top historic sights on the island including the Venetian Fortress and the Achilleion, a palace built in the 1800s.

Tourists who make their way to the top of Angelokastro will also enjoy some of the best views of the island.

Thessaloniki: Greece’s Second City is a Fast-Growing Destination

Of all the emerging destinations in Greece, Thessaloniki should come as little surprise to anyone who has visited Greece’s lively and beautiful second city.

One of the top attractions in the beautiful town has to be its food. The cuisine blends Byzantine, Ottoman, Jewish, and French influences to create a truly unique mix of dishes and ingredients.

The city is also renowned for its welcoming atmosphere, which makes travelers feel at home. The fun nightlife and beautiful waterfront only add to Thessaloniki’s charm as an emerging Greek destination.

Best of all, Thessaloniki is a great base from which to explore the many gems of northern Greece. Tourists can easily get to Mount Olympus for a challenging hike, enjoy the many sandy beaches of Halkidiki, or admire the UNESCO World Heritage Monument of Vergina, the birthplace of Alexander the Great.

With an abundance of islands, beautiful towns, and natural beauty, Greece has a lot of places to explore many tourists have yet to discover.

Places like Meteora, Folegandros, and Koufonisia are fast becoming known to travelers around the world. It’s likely many even lesser-known Greek locales will be making their way onto “top tourist destination” lists soon. Plan your trip and book your flight Here.


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