Top travel destinations for the best mood-boosting activities


New Delhi: Taking a vacation is the ultimate way to feel good, with 85 per cent of Indian travellers stating that their motivation for travelling is to improve their mood. Travel can lift spirits and boost happiness levels for weeks after returning home. has chosen five of the top destinations with the best mood-boosting activities based on traveller reviews. From scuba diving in the Andamans to yoga on the beach in Varkala, adventure sports to wellness therapies and delectable food, include a mood-boosting activity in your next vacation to make it the most joyful yet.

Outdoor activities in Neil Island: 

Neil Island is a perfect gem of the Andaman Islands, blessed with magnificent biodiversity, unexplored coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and tropical woodlands. Officially known as ‘Shaheed Dweep,’ it is one of the platforms travellers’ top-recommended outdoor activity destinations. It’s the ideal place to find happiness, with activities ranging from surfing to scuba diving and paddleboarding. Explore the easy cycling trails immersed in nature inland, or head to the beach to sunbathe, read, or simply lie down.

Wellness in Auroville, Tamil Nadu: 

Auroville is a quiet town in Tamil Nadu that is an experimental township. It’s well-known for hosting weekly workshops, therapies, and community yoga, making it the ideal vacation for rest and relaxation – and one of the top destinations for wellness according to travellers, which is a key factor in feeling content. Visitors can de-stress and relax in its wet and dry tropical climate, as well as take walks on its open roads to instill inner peace. The township’s community is very close-knit, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Matrimandir is a secular gathering place in town where people can meditate and experience tranquillity in peaceful silence. This lovely town has become synonymous with community healing and is a haven for those seeking inner peace.

Yoga in Varkala, Kerala: 

Varkala, a coastal town in southern Kerala, is a hipster’s paradise, with palm-covered red cliffs, pristine golden beaches, and pilgrimage sites. Varkala is more of a state of mind than a location, but it is one of the top recommended yoga destinations on the travel site, according to travellers. Head to Papanasam Beach, ten kilometres from Varkala, where visitors can enjoy sunset sun salutations by a natural spring, or sunrise for early risers. Whether you practise Vinyasa or Bikram, a yogi novice or a yogi master will find a relaxing retreat.

Waterfalls in Shillong, Meghalaya: 

Shillong, known as the “Scotland of the East,” is home to several scenic waterfalls and has been named one of the best waterfall destinations by the platforms travellers. Meghalaya has 16 major waterfalls, one of which, Nohkalikai Falls, at 1,115 feet, is said to be India’s tallest plunge waterfall. This waterfall is fed by rainwater that collects on the top, making the once-in-a-lifetime sound of water plunging to the earth difficult to forget. The city is also notable for its towering pine conifers, pineapple shrubs, and undulating terrain. Along with the breathtaking waterfalls, visitors can stroll through Mawlynnong, Asia’s cleanest village known for its wood carvings and traditional craftsmanship.

Nature in Munnar, Kerala: 

Munnar, located 1,600 metres above sea level and a few hours from Alleppey, is one of Kerala’s most scenic areas. With its vast tea plantations, beautiful cottages, and vibrant hiking trails, it’s no surprise that the city is one of the top destinations for nature walks. Few people visit the lush green mountains, eat authentic food, or indulge in an ayurvedic spa while still embracing the sheer magnificence and raw natural beauty of this town.


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