Top travel destinations open to vaccinated Hongkongers – Time Out Hong Kong


Hong Kong is now easing flight bans and Covid measures as early as next month, yet the city remains cut off from the world. On the other hand, other countries, despite the continued surge of Covid-19 infections, are reopening their borders for tourism, with some already shifting to the ‘living with Covid’ approach and easing tough pandemic-control measures. If you’re contemplating escaping and giving in to your wanderlust or just want to plan next time you feel safe to travel, here’s a roundup of top travel destinations (and each country’s requirements for entry) now opening for Hong Kong tourists.  

Before you book your travel, make sure to check available return flights to Hong Kong. Due to the city’s flight suspension mechanism, flight cancellations are inevitable. To stay updated on the news about flight suspensions, tune in on the government’s daily press releases.  

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