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Value for money becomes the decisive criterion for electing a holiday destination, according to a survey of 180,000 travelers in 28 countries, carried out by PR consultancy Travel Lifestyle Network (TLN) in partnership with the UK think tank Thrive and Audience Net.

Based on the findings of the German market survey, released by the public relations network KPRN Network, 26% of the respondents in Germany said that they pay particular attention to the value of money when planning a trip, while the entertainment value of the trip comes first in destination selection criterion for 21% of the respondents.

As pointed out by Hanna Kleber, founding member of the Travel Lifestyle Network and CEO of KPRN, the research clearly indicates that the rising cost of living is now having a significant impact on German and international travel behavior.

She believes that price will determine booking behavior for the coming autumn and for 2023. In this difficult time, she stresses, the cost will be a dominant criterion in holiday choices, putting aside the actual quality of the product.

The survey also reveals that 28% of Germans would like to travel abroad this year, while 27% would like to take a holiday in Germany.

Participants were also asked about the most popular airlines for leisure travel in Germany. The survey indicated that Lufthansa comes first with 58% and TUI Fly ranks second with 38%,  followed by Condor (34%), Eurowings (33%), and Emirates (27%).

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