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Updated: Jun 29, 2022 07:13 PM

Crystal Caesar, PLP MP, and Vance Campbell, the Minister of Tourism (second right) with Esan Frederick (left) and Sascha Hemmann, of Rosewood Bermuda. (Photograph supplied)

The Minister of Tourism said he has met with a range of hoteliers across the island to better understand the challenges facing the industry.

Vance Campbell said in a press statement this afternoon that since he was appointed in April he has met with management from several hotels, including the Hamilton Princess, The Reefs Resort and Club, Rosewood Bermuda, Newstead Belmont Hills and the Royal Palms Hotel.

He said the stakeholder meetings were “vital to enhancing our working relationships and obtaining valuable insight” into the island’s tourism industry“.

“Strengthening the lines of communication and collaboration can provide a competitive advantage in our tourism product and everything we do,” Mr Campbell said.

“The discussions held over the past few months have increased my respect and appreciation for the resilience of those in our tourism industry and their unwavering commitment to Bermuda’s tourism product.

“As I continue meeting and visiting other tourism-related businesses, I want to remind all of Bermuda’s tourism stakeholders that this Government remains committed to your success.”

The most recent tourism figures, released in May, showed signs of recovery in the wake of Covid-19, but the results paled in comparison to pre-pandemic numbers.

Air arrival figures for the first quarter were 314 per cent higher than 2021, but 70 per cent below 2020.

Hoteliers have also called for modification of the controversial $40 Travel Authorisation Form, which is seen as deterring some travellers.

Asked what specific insights the managers raised, Mr Campbell said: “These meetings are opportunities for stakeholders to share their views on various topics related to tourism. The exchanges are open and honest and the issues raised will assist in policy development and the continued growth of Bermuda’s tourism industry.”

Mr Campbell did not respond to questions of whether they raised concerns over the Travel Authorisation form or if their asked for it to be modified, asked for concessions along the lines of those approved by Parliament for the Southampton Princess or raised concerns over the lack of airlift to Bermuda.

* This story has been updated to include a comment from the minister in reponse to questions from The Royal Gazette.


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