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Tourism New Zealand has teamed up with Exceptional ALIEN to produce its latest advertising campaign, Aotearoa Country Special (Part Two).

The project aims to showcase New Zealand through the lens of its creators, inciting people to experience their inspirational stories as borders and travel re-opens.

Launching yesterday, the Aotearoa Country Special (Part Two) shares the travel experiences of five New Zealand creators, including fashion designer Kiri Nathan, contemporary artist Sofia Minson, Fat Freddy’s Drop frontman Dallas Tamaira, Olympic gold medal freestyle skier Nico Porteous, and sustainable fashion designer Maggie Hewitt.

The destinations explored in the second part of the series extend across both the North Island and South Island, including areas of Auckland, Bay of Plenty, East Cape, Wānaka, Wellington, and the Bay of Islands.

This partnership aims to showcase what Aotearoa has to offer by inviting exploration in the spirit of Manaakitanga – a traditional Māori value encompassing reciprocal hospitality and respect from one individual or group to another.

The features will sit on the recently launched platform Exceptional ALIEN, which was co-founded by Justin Drape and Michael Canning.

This series focuses on blend between creativity and travel, and how this is seen all around the world.

“Creativity informs the most rewarding experiences that travel has to offer — be it food, wine, fashion, photography, design and entertainment — yet until now there’s no single platform that curates travel through a creative lens,” Exceptional ALIEN co-founder Justin Drape said.

“There’s business travel, budget, budget travel, luxury travel and adventure travel. We’re curating creative travel.

“With our Aotearoa Country Special, people can learn about New Zealand through the personal stories, insights and recommendations of the creators featured. And creators know who, where and what is culturally interesting and relevant.

“We’re thankful to be sharing their inspiring stories and we’re thrilled that Tourism New Zealand has recognised that Exceptional ALIEN is a future-facing way to share and experience travel.”

Exceptional ALIEN co-founder Michael Canning added: “As travel reopens globally, we are seeing a new wave of travellers who seek experiences that are both creatively and culturally enriching.

Exceptional ALIEN co-founders Justin Drape (left) and Micheal Canning (right).

“We are excited that our partnership with Tourism New Zealand, and our ongoing collaboration with the creative community, can celebrate Aotearoa through this creative lens in a way that is actionable for travellers.”

The Aotearoa Country Special (Part 2) is a curated set of editorial features, social video and audio Travel Playbooks, including the story of the creators’ travels, cultural insights about New Zealand and recommendations to explore for yourself.


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