Travel and Tourism Director Discusses Yellowstone Flooding and its Potential Impact on Tourism in Sheridan – Sheridan Media


The director of Sheridan County Travel and Tourism provided an update to the Sheridan City Council and Mayor Rich Bridger at Monday night’s council meeting regarding the recent flooding in Yellowstone National Park. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Yellowstone Impact

SCTT Director Shawn Parker relayed information to the council that he obtained during a conference call with colleagues Monday. Parker said the call included Yellowstone National Park Director Cam Sholly and members of the Wyoming Office of Tourism Board.

Shawn Parker

Parker said the areas most affected by the flooding won’t be opening for a while.

Shawn Parker

Parker talked about the potential impact Yellowstone could have on the tourism industry in Sheridan.

Shawn Parker

Parker said part of the reason that they do not market Sheridan as a stop on the way to Yellowstone is to insulate the area from things that cannot be controlled, similar to the flooding that occurred in the park.


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