Travel experts reveal six ways to avoid airport chaos for family holidays this summer


TRAVEL experts have revealed their top tips for families getting away during the summer holidays, amid continued chaos at airports.

An estimated 75 per cent of families are hoping to head abroad during the school summer holidays this year, but with airports struggling to cope with demand, delays and cancellations have caused problems for thousands already.


An estimated 75 per cent of families will try and go abroad this summerCredit: Getty

There are a few things people can do to make their trip run smoother and the Travel Association ABTA have revealed their tips to help families get through the airport with a bit more ease.

1. Check advice before travelling

The first thing ABTA recommends is checking Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice before heading abroad.

Strikes, Covid and other issues mean that advice is constantly updated online and it is worth paying attention to any changes.

Earlier this month, Spain’s travel advice was updated amid airline strikes which were causing disruption for Brits.

And TUI has been forced to cancel holidays to Sri Lanka after the UK government put it back on the travel ban list.

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2. Plan journeys in advance and allow extra time

Airports are expected to be busier during the summer holidays, so the advice is to make sure you can get to the airport, ferry or train station with enough time to spare.

This should take into account time for delays en route, to avoid missing any journeys.

Airports aren’t the only transport hubs to be struggling this summer, with weather and strikes also affecting public transport.

Kent’s Port of Dover warned of “major disruption” this morning as thousands of holidaymakers were told to arrive six hours early for ferry queues lasting up to five hours.

3. Arrive at the earliest time advised by your airline or transport provider

Arriving any later than the earliest time could risk you missing your journey, but arriving earlier could just add to queues.

By trying to get there on time, you will striking the perfect balance.

4. Be ready to present passports and any Covid-related documents you need at check-in

Having paperwork ready can speed up the process of getting through security checks.

You also have the option to check-in online, which may save you time.

Some airlines will also offer you the chance to upload your Covid documents before your flight to prevent having to show it at the airport.

While restrictions are being lifted many destinations still require some Covid vaccinations or tests.

5. Prepare your hand luggage for security

Electrical items like laptops and tablets need to be scanned separately in the trays provided, as do any liquids you’re taking.

Liquids need to be 100ml or less and placed inside a 20cm by 20cm plastic bag.

By preparing your hand luggage so that they can be easily removed, you will spend less time at the security gates.

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6. Take off items of clothing like coats, jackets and belts

You will need to do this when you reach the security gate, so it’s best to do it in advance while in the queue so you’re not wasting time when it’s your turn to be scanned.

You should also put any items in your pockets into the trays provided to prevent having to be scanned more than once.

By being prepared, families can reduce their time queueing at the airport


By being prepared, families can reduce their time queueing at the airportCredit: Getty


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