Travel tips during incoming winter weather in Lexington


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — Ahead of another round of winter weather set to make its way to the area, officials are reminding everyone to be prepared and cautious.

“We try to do the best we can to not interrupt service at all. But a lot of times things we can account for like accidents, power outages, water, main breaks, all the different things that can go wrong in the city can make for delays that we try our best to communicate in a timely manner,” said Emily Elliott, the community relations manager at Lextran.

There are things to keep in mind, whether you’re making your way to the airport, “we have you know, a maintenance crew and a great team that helps out on staff 24 hours a day when, when weather such as this comes up, so they’ll be ready to go to get to work to clear the airfield and make sure that everything’s ready to go,” added Lauren White, the  community relations manager at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington.

Or perhaps preparing for your morning commute, “you need to be thinking about tonight as the temperatures drop and tomorrow morning to if you have to travel you will need to plan accordingly to leave extra time to Get your destination. And you’ll need to drive very slowly and leave us a nice cushion in between your staff and other vehicles,” also said Natasha Lacy, Public Information Officer at the Kentucky Department of Highways District 7.

With the possibility that incoming conditions could be worse than those Lexington saw on Tuesday morning, officials are warning everyone to remain cautious and be prepared.

“It’s certainly important and helpful to download your airlines mobile app that will keep you up to date on the latest, you know, updates, closures, delays, cancellations, anything of that nature. And it’s also important to remember not to just keep an eye on you know, your departure city or your destination city, but any city that you may be traveling through if you’ve got a layover anywhere, because weather there could certainly impact your travel process,” added Lauren White.

Lacy with the Kentucky Department of Highways District 7 says it is also imperative to watch out for the expected conditions and the effects those can have on roadways.

“We’re expecting freezing drizzle tonight and rain and snow. So we want to stress the fact that this is freezing once again, I can lead to other situations. Certainly like downed power lines, tree limbs that are falling air crews always check for that that that’s something that motorists need to be aware of,” she adds.

Lacy also says that even on previously treated asphalt and concrete with salt and calcium chloride, ice can refreeze and there’s always the possibility of black ice.

You can always keep up with weather updates on our ABC 36 Storm Team Weather page by clicking here.


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