Travel tips for Manitobans dealing with flight delays, cancellations


With flight delays and cancellations taking place at airports around Canada, CAA Manitoba is offering advice to help make your travel experiences a little bit smoother.

Susan Postma, regional manager with CAA Manitoba, said it’s best to be as prepared as possible as issues with airports continue.

“I think they’re certainly endeavouring to make some inroads, but I think it’s still experiencing some delays, some cancellations, so I think we’re still working our way through,” she said in an interview with CTV’s Morning Live on Monday.

Postma suggests signing up for messaging from the airline you’re flying with, so you can get information about flight changes as soon as possible.

She noted it’s also important to get to the airport early, adding that getting there an hour before a domestic flight is no longer the norm.

“We really encourage that you get to the airport for a domestic flight two hours in advance, three hours for an international flight or directed otherwise…getting there earlier is best,” Postma said.

When booking your trip, Postma recommends trying to put together a trip itinerary with a longer layover to give you more flexibility and a better chance of making your connecting flight.

She also suggests trying to avoid checking a bag if possible.

“We want you to obviously pack a carry-on that’s within the requirements that are acceptable on that air provider,” Postma said.

“But it just gives you that bit more flexibility. You’re not waiting for your luggage or have that potential of your luggage not arriving at the same time as you.”

Postma added that travellers should pack their essentials, such as medications, in their carry-ons.

She noted that it’s also important to have the proper travel insurance, including travel health insurance and trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

“Some unforeseen [circumstances] are happening these days, so it’s really encouraged to have insurance,” Postma said.

Another issue travellers are facing has to do with finding affordable car rentals.

Postma said it’s best to book as early as you can.

“We have seen bookings already for the holiday season, looking into next year where possible,” she said.

“West Coast and East Coast [is in] high demand, so you really want to book early if you are going to those areas in particular.”

CAA Manitoba’s other tips for travellers include:

  • Expect itinerary changes;
  • Know that airport security may take longer;
  • Have all your documentation in order before you book;
  • Remember that COVID-19 is still a consideration;
  • Confirm change and cancellation flexibility with your travel service provider;
  • Stay connected to up-to-date travel information; and
  • Be kind and patient.

– With files from CTV’s Rachel Lagace.


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