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Travelling abroad may be difficult and stressful, especially for first-timers so be sure to heed some advice as you prepare for your first international trip. Making arrangements for an international trip can be overwhelming, especially if it’s the first time and while preparing for the first overseas trip, some key things can help us gear up in the true spirit of exploration.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Siddharth Jain, Founder of Skywalk Travels, advised, “Before booking flights, check your documents to ensure they are all in order. First and foremost, a renewed passport is necessary for overseas travel. Your passport must have enough pages to accommodate visa stamps. While most nations only demand a quarter page, others demand a half page or even more. In order to acquire the best ticket prices, it’s crucial to book international travel at least one month in advance. Additionally, check for accommodation in or close to the city centre so you can walk to and explore their main attractions.”

He suggested, “Avoid overpackaging, as it is never a good idea. You’ll have to carry all that weight around in addition to facing penalties of spending more on your luggage. Most importantly, to onboard an international flight, ensure you reach the airport at least three hours before the scheduled time. As while travelling internationally, you need to pass through customs and immigration in addition to regular security, and this procedure requires time. Furthermore, reaching the airport early will help you avoid missing your flight.”

According to A Krishna Mohan, MD at Southern Travels, all important documents like a passport, visa, identity proof, etc, should be carefully kept in order not to spoil the mood of an exotic trip. He shared, “It’s essential to book foreign travel tickets at least one month in advance to get the best ticket costs. Moreover, considering the recent rush post pandemic, globe-trotters should reach the airport three hours before the scheduled time due to the mandate to pass through customs and immigration in addition to regular security.”

To further facilitate walking to and exploring the city’s key attractions, he recommended, “Travellers can look for lodging near or close to the city centre. Additionally, over-packaging can be a burden as it is never a smart idea to incur additional costs, besides carrying all the weight around. Moreover, to keep all of your electronic devices charged in case the place you’re staying doesn’t have one, it is also advisable that swashbucklers are equipped with a universal power adapter and a power bank. Furthermore, travellers can carry durable walking shoes as much time during the travel will involve sightseeing. Most importantly, it is always safe to be safeguarded by all the daily medical needs and the pills required to stay fit to enjoy the vacation that has been long dreamed of.”


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