Releases Top 10 Fall Travel Destinations And How It Fits The Budget

0 releases the top 10 fall travel destinations based on popularity and how it fits American’s budgets. Based on information gathered by, Americans will be traveling to these top 10 destinations this autumn.

That time of year has come when the leaves are changing. And for many of us, it’s time for some domestic travel. Regardless of the pitfalls that the looming recession is bringing, about 35% of Americans say they will be traveling this fall despite the rising cost of travel.


Skimping in other areas, such as the home improvements everyone did during the non-travel time over the last couple of years, travelers are still getting out there. Another compromise traveling Americans have come up with is to shorten their vacation time. Instead of the week-long vacation, we will opt for three-to-four day -trips instead.

Whether it’s by air or road, travelers are planning to get out and travel between September and November. Here’s a list from of the top 10 fall travel destinations in the U.S.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Stay up all night at the craps table in the city that never sleeps. Las Vegas is just starting to cool down, giving visitors the best opportunity to enjoy the dessert weather.

2. NYC, NY


It’s up to you in New York. Do anything your heart desires here, even taking in the fall colors at Central Park while riding a horse-drawn carriage.

3. Miami Beach, Florida

Fall fashion has gone from the runway to the streets. Go strut your stuff in Miami this fall at clubs at day parties!

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

Grab a drink on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. Take it to go and walk the streets of this old school, festive town this fall. Every weekend in Nola is a party.

5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Breathe in the ocean air on the 60-mile strip of beachfront that is Myrtle Beach. Take a fall trip and ride the ferris wheel, play games and hit a couple of balls on their gorgeous greens.

6. Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville is known for its country music scene. So, go get in on a show at the Grand Ol’ Oprey House while visiting the city this fall.

7. Key West, Florida

There’s something about the Florida Keys that just makes you feel like you’re in the Caribbean. Visit this fall and experience the island life.

8. Lahaina, Hawaii

Situated on Maui, Lahaina is a popular place for beauty infused into your rest and relaxation. Take a weekend to dive into one of their luxurious resorts.

9. Honolulu, Hawaii

The big city in Hawaii, Honolulu sits on a crescent shaped beach luring fall visitors to dip their toes in the sand. High rises and palm trees dot the background.

10. Orlando, Florida


Don’t skip out on the fun at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Do visit Cocoa Beach while you’re around.


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