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TUI’s top holiday destinations for chocolate lovers

TUI’s top holiday destinations for chocolate lovers

Chocolate lovers will know the delight that comes from biting into a bar of high quality sweet stuff.

And, there are some tourist destinations known for their incredible chocolate – and you can visit and try the creamiest chocs around.

Whether you want to tuck into pralines, sip on cocoa or see where it all began there’s a chocolate-themed country for everyone.

Why not make it your summer holiday pick?

So, if you are enjoying some chocolate today, getting the taste for more and fancy making it an overseas treat too, check travel giant TUI’s pick of the world’s chocolate-inspired destinations…

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Beautiful Bruges is home of the praline, which was invented in 1912, and it’s almost impossible to visit Belgium without going in at least one of its 2,000 hand-crafted chocolate shops.

For the ultimate chocoholic experience head to the Choco-Story museum in Bruges, where you’ll learn how chocolate first arrived in Europe, see the way recipes have changed over the centuries, and explore the secrets of cocoa before some tastings. choco-story-brugge.be/en, €11.


As famous as its fondue, milk chocolate has been a Swiss treat since it was created using milk from Alpine cows.

The average local eats more than 10kg of chocolate a year – and it’s easy to see why. Stop for a taste at one of the many chocolateries and try one of the country’s popular velvety chocolate cream desserts, schokoladencreme.


Savvy Italian chocolate producers like to buy cocoa directly from growers to produce some of the world’s best chocolates.

Italians love chocolate in pastries, so live like a local by enjoying an espresso with Italian chocolate, or a cioccolata calda (hot chocolate) in a local cafe.


It’s believed the English word “chocolate” comes from the Mesoamericans of modern-day.

Mexico, who enjoyed a bitter chocolatey drink called xocolatl as far back as 450BC.

In fact, the 15th-century Aztec ruler Montezuma II was said to drink up to 50 cups a day out of a golden goblet, as it was reputed to have stimulating and aphrodisiac properties.

Chocolate is still a popular cooking ingredient in Mexico today, in particular in the marinade called Mole, most commonly served with meat.

If you find yourself staying at the TUI BLUE El Dorado Seaside Suites resort in Riviera Maya, you may be able to indulge yourself with Mole at La Carreta restaurant for traditional Mexican a la carte cuisine.

St Lucia

There’s much more to this Caribbean island than tropical beaches, luxury resorts and the twin peaks of The Pitons.

The volcanic landscape has made it the perfect place for growing chocolate for centuries.

Not only can you visit
the numerous cocoa plantations, there
are plenty of other chocolate-themed experiences to enjoy.

The Anse Chastanet hotel in St Lucia has its own cocoa bean plantation and chocolate laboratory, and the theme continues into the spa, where you can have everything from chocolate orange body polishes to full-body mocha massages.

You can book holidays to these destinations at tui.co.uk

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