Where Should You go in Jamaica? The 6 Destinations You Need to Know About


Jamaica is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world and people often have trouble deciding on a specific destination. That decision depends widely on what travelers are seeking – a quiet interlude or a thriving nightlife. The following are 6 Jamaican destinations that every traveler needs to know about.

1. Port Antonio, Portland Parish

Individuals can sunbathe, swim and experience local culture at their leisure without worrying about huge crowds. One of its most popular attractions is the Blue Lagoon, where filming took place for the 1980 Brook Shields film of the same name.
Book a Blue Mountain Coffee sightseeing tour or go bamboo rafting on the Rio Grande River, an activity started by iconic “Robin Hood” film star, Errol Flynn. Guests can visit nearby waterfalls, surf at Boston Beach, and experience Sparkling River Rafting, the first and only river tour featuring non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

2. Kingston

Emancipation Park

A center for Jamaican culture, exciting night life, entertainment and restaurants, tourists can visit the Bob Marley Museum that was once home to the iconic reggae music artist. Emancipation Park hosts free concerts throughout the year, the city is home to the National Gallery of Jamaica art museum, and the city is a good launching point to visit the hot springs. The nearby Blue Mountains is where the world-famous Blue Mountain Coffee is grown. Crime can be an issue and visitors shouldn’t go walking around after dark.

3. Ocho Rios

Explore History While in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

A popular destination for tourists, it’s a family-friendly destination that features a wealth of hotels and white sand beaches. Individuals can visit the 600-ft. tall Dunn’s River Falls, go river rafting and tubing. Not as laid-back as Negril, but quieter than Montego Bay, the city is known for luxurious gardens, languid rivers, and delightful waterfalls. Visitors can zipline, have dolphin encounters, and take a treetop bobsled ride through the rainforest.
The area has a long history as a destination and playground for writers, novelists and musicians. James Bond author and former real life secret agent, Ian Fleming, lived there. Visitors can take a tour of the hilltop abode of English actor, director, singer, playwright and composer, Sir Noel Coward. Nearby is Nine Mile village where legendary reggae artist, Bob Marley, was born and interred in the Bob Marley Mausoleum.

4. Montego Bay

Montego Bay Listed among Expedia's 20 Most Searched-For Travel Destinations

Montego Bay is more than a song title; the city is known colloquially as MoBay and features luxury retreats, top golf courses, and lush green hills surrounding a narrow coastline of multiple beaches. Attractions include the bioluminescent lagoon nearby in Falmouth and the haunted Rose Hall Great House dating to 1770.

5. Negril

Negril Jamaica

Negril Jamaica

A laid back, family-friendly beach destination awaits visitors in Negril and its one of the reasons that so many couples choose it as a honeymoon destination. Ideal for the free spirited hippy at heart, the city has plenty of beaches including a 7-mile stretch that leads to sea-facing cliffs. The city boasts calm and quiet, rapturous sunsets and rafting opportunities. The city is a favorite of movie stars and celebrities.

6. South Coast Treasure Beach/Black River

Traveling in Jamaica - Present Day - Treasure Beach

More arid than other parts of Jamaica, the area is full of small fishing villages and home to four Jamaican coves. The South Coast Treasure Beach/Black River area is ideal for those that want privacy with no worries. Visitors can explore caves, waterfalls, the Santa Cruz Mountains, zipline over the YS Waterfall, and go snorkeling to see dolphins.

The area is home to the rare Lignum Vitae, Jamaica’s national tree. The trees burst into a canopy of purple blossoms that’s uniquely beautiful. Remnants of pottery from the nearly extinct Taino culture can still be found around the island. Guests can book a rum factory tour, rum tasting experience, take a pontoon boat down the river, and find unique works of art and handmade items.

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