Woman reveals the 10 best travel apps to improve trips for holidaymakers


A TRAVELLER has revealed the 10 best travel apps that she uses while away on holiday.

Kristina Cors, a digital nomad, shared her tips on TikTok, where she posts as @kristinacors.


One of Kristina’s recommendations was Get Your Guide, which helps people find things to do on holidayCredit: TikTok/@kristinacors

The videos were released a series of short clips, explaining why each of the apps was worth downloading.

One of those on her list was Get Your Guide, an app that helps people find the best things to do when arriving in a new destination.

She said: “This app helps you find fun activities to do like tours and excursions in the country you’re visiting.

“The other cool thing is they have a best price guarantee meaning if you can find a better price they will essentially match it.

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“So if they’re offering a tour for $160 (£140) and you find the same tour for $150 (£130), they will essentially pay the difference.”

Another she recommended was TripIt – an app that helps create itineraries, including by putting all your different bookings in one place.

Kristina said: “The way it works automatically is it scans your inbox for confirmation emails, so it’s an effortless itinerary.

“All you need to do is forward your emails to Tripit and it detects all the info it needs and creates your itinerary.”

One user was really impressed with the recommendation and commented: “Actually this seems really convenient…every time I book a flight I’m always searching my inbox for the confirmation email weeks later.”

Also on her list of recommendations was Timeshifter, an app that helps combat jetlag and Soar, an app for people who are afraid of flying.

Kristina’s top ten travel app list is as follows:

Top 10 travel apps

  1. Tripit
  2. Polarsteps
  3. Packr
  4. Too Good to Go
  5. Splitwise
  6. Free Now
  7. Get Your Guide
  8. Gas Buddy
  9. Soar
  10. Timeshifter

Several users were excited by the list of recommendations.

One said: “Oh my god, this list is so helpful!”

Another wrote: “I like these – keep them coming!”

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These are some of the best travel gadgets available for holidaymakers.

This gadget will help keep phones and electrical items fully charged while on holiday.

Kristina's list included apps for people who are afraid of flying or suffer from jetlag (stock image)


Kristina’s list included apps for people who are afraid of flying or suffer from jetlag (stock image)Credit: Getty


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