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You’ve Probably Never Heard Of These Destinations In Japan

You’ve Probably Never Heard Of These Destinations In Japan

Say ‘Japan’ and voila, we think of Tokyo, Osaka, and Mount Fuji, but there is much more that can captivate any kind of traveler. Rich in culture, landscapes, food, technology, and adventures, Japan infuses modern life with ancient traditions. These lesser-known places of Japan are akin to a Pandora’s box of travel destinations, holding a lot of surprises. 

Visit The Beautiful Amanohashidate in Kyoto

Amanohashidate translates to roughly “Bridge In Heaven” is a 3.6 km stretch engulfed in line trees and covered by sandbars.

Believed to be created by the deity Izanagi-no-mikoto, this place is renowned to have spectacular scenery. Located in Miyazu Bay in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, it has many sightseeing spots, restaurants, and activities.

Things To Do Around Amanohashidate

Be it Amanohashidate Street Lighting Walk where street lights are adorned with colorful umbrellas and fantastic lighting, Shiizaki Inari Shrine famous for azaleas blooming, Kanabiki waterfall, one of the top waterfalls in Japan, Amanohashidate activity center offering kayaking, fishing, and smoked seafood, Rotating Bridge (Kaisenkyo) turning 90 degrees as the ship passes through the waterway, connecting this bridge and the Monju area, Miyazu Country Club, an open space for golfers, Tango Prefectural Folk Museum, displaying art and history of northern Kyoto Prefecture, it gives an explorer lot of options.

Explore The Food Lover’s Hozenji Yokocho Alley in Osaka

Reflecting the Edo-era architecture, Hozenji Yokocho Alley is a cobblestone historic alley packed with taverns and restaurants adorned with neon lights. This street is exactly opposite the famous Hozenji Temple. Established in 1637, the statue of “Mizukake Fudo” covered in moss is quite popular here which is believed to fulfill our wishes.

Things To Do Around Hozenji Yokocho Alley

As the alley is predominantly known for an array of restaurants, one can experiment with traditional Japanese cuisine. Restaurants such as Matsusakagyu Yakiniku known for its Japanese style barbecue known as “Yakiniku”, Hozenji Sanpei, specializing in “Okonomiyaki”, a mixture of cabbage, flour, eggs and grilled meat with sauce, Kushikatsu Daruma Hozenji serving deep-fried skewers of meat and veg, Robatayaki Mizukakechaya, a classic Japanese Pub popular for its buttered scallops and tofu salad and so many more.

Visit The Traditional Village Of Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture Japan

A traditional village that has eccentric vibes with gassho-zukuri houses that have thatched roofs, and are built without nails. Having the architecture which resembles Buddhist monks pressing hands together for prayers, it’s a Unesco World Heritage Site. More than 250 years old, the roofs are used for cultivating silkworms.

Things To Do Around Shirakawa-go

Ogimachi, Shirakawa’s largest village, has incredible experience of farmhouses making for a good day trip. Meanwhile, Gokayama has less developed and less crowded villages than Shirakawa with more intimate houses and untouched by modern essence.

Explore Japan’s Sixth-Largest City, Fukuoka In Southwest Japan

Unexplored like other prime cities, Fukuoka exudes cultural adventure. Having ancient temples, unique festivals, castle ruins, beaches, islands, entertainment, and nightlife, it is Japan’s sixth-largest city with 1.5 million residents and a friendly cosmopolitan vibe

Things to do Around Fukuoka

Be it unique festival of Hakata Gion Yamakasa for five days with one ton floats through the streets or Mitama festival celebrating the return of spirits from the afterlife, or Nakasu Nights, an area primarily known for Yatai Stalls along Naka river, Fukuoka Castle Ruins, a former grand castle in Japan, Canal City Hakata, sparkled by the world’s largest malls around an artificial canal, Fukuoka Tower, a seaside tower decorated with almost 8000 half mirrors, there is a plenty lot to explore.

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Visit The Scenic Landscape Of Kanazawa

If one wishes to delve into the history of Japan, the Nagamachi district laced with townhouses rich in samurai history has preserved buildings and temples. Close to the Japanese Alps, this old town has the famous Kenrokuen Garden, a testament of the traditional Japanese artistic craftwork and architecture as well.

Things To Do Around Kanazawa

Kenrokuen Garden: It is prominent for being one of the most beautiful gardens. “Kenrokuen” translated as “Garden of The Six Sublimities” was designed by the Maeda Samurai Clan and is supremely beautiful during the cherry blossoms of spring and autumn.

Nagamachi Samurai District: The history of Samurai is reflected here as it was home for samurai residences. Earthen walls, narrow lanes with traditional entrances stand as a reflection of the samurai aesthetics.

Higashi Chaya District: A district where geishas used to entertain their customers with singing and dancing is open to the public. Shima Teahouse and Kaikaro Teahouse stand till date as the history of Geishas.

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Explore Japan’s Most Underrated City, Wakayama

One of Japan’s most underrated cities and known as “Spiritual Heart of Japan ”, it has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Be it the ancient temple of Koyasan, the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage site, fleeting cherry blossoms, traditional Hina Nagashi ceremony for girls, the annual Mifune festival, it is a mystical gem.

Things To Do Around Wakayama

Boasting Heart of Cultural affair right from Firework displays of Minato Festival, sampling tuna dishes at Maguro Festival in Katsuura, riverboat race during annual Mifune festival or eccentric nature of Japanese ryokan inns, it is also the birthplace of rich flavors of fresh soy sauce and the delicacy of Wakayama Ramen is quite remarkable here.

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