10 Of The World’s Most Spiritual & Mysterious Destinations


The earth is not just physical and normal, it is also spiritual and mysterious, and this is worth traveling for. In some of these destinations, one will testify that something more than the physical is indeed at work. Whether it may have been defined by scientists or waved off as simply science at work, it does not change the fact that these destinations around the world have some metaphysical characteristics to them.

10 Machu Picchu, Peru

South America is full of destinations with deep religious history, and Machu Picchu is perhaps the most famous of all. This site in Peru is believed to have been used as a sacred religious site for Inca rulers. One can still visit the ruins today, and one of the best ways to explore the area is by taking a walk through its ruins.

9 Varanasi, India

India has a strong devotion to the spiritual, which is why they have thousands of deities they hold in high esteem. While there is more than one religion in the country, all of them hold Varanasi in high esteem as it is considered to be sacred and the spiritual epicenter of India. One can visit one of the numerous temples or holy places around the city to learn new philosophies and ideas that will have one viewing the world with a new mindset. Those who think they have an idea about the purpose of life usually come out of these destinations questioning their knowledge.

8 Borobudur, Indonesia

Spirituality runs deep in the Asian continent, and Indonesia is one of the countries to visit to experience this atmosphere. While there are many destinations with a spiritual atmosphere in the country, Borobudur is unique in many ways. Besides being the world’s largest Buddhist temple, this area, located on the Island of Java, is filled with numerous religious monuments and a spiritual atmosphere that has made it the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia.

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7 Uluru, Australia

Australia is not just a place of dangerous animals and extreme adventures. It is also a place of deep spirituality and mysterious destinations. One of the destinations in the country considered to be strange and mysterious is Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock. Besides its unique red color that glows magically under sunrise and sunset, Uluru is considered to be the spiritual heart of Australia. Some folk tales of the Aboriginal people even believe that the rock is a living being and a resting place of their ancestors. Visiting Uluru at sunrise or sunset is a chance to see the uniqueness of the area and why it’s considered a deeply spiritual place.

6 The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza has for a long time fascinated the entire world with its enormous size and mysteries. One interesting mystery about the Pyramid that people have not been able to figure out is how the structure was built, as it consisted of two million limestones and weighed several tons. It is known that the pyramid could tell time and that it was used as a burial tomb for pharaohs, but there are mysteries still waiting to be uncovered. In recent years, particles from outer space were discovered in the Pyramid, further adding to the mysteries of the colossal structure. While the idea of the possible connection of this pyramid to the extraterrestrial is being debated, one must acknowledge the fact that there’s more to this structure than meets the eyes.

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5 Delphi, Greece

Delphi was known throughout the ancient Greek world as the most popular religious site due to its hosting of the Pythia – an oracle of the Greek god Apollo. Due to the accuracy of the prophecies, the Ancient Greek people held the oracle in high esteem and consulted it when making important state decisions. Today, the archaeological site of the Delphi is located in Phocis, and those in Greece can visit to explore the temple and the ruins in the area.

4 Nazca Lines, Peru

In Southern Peru, a desert known as the Nazca desert hosts some strange designs that have been a mystery to the world since they were discovered in the 1920s. The site, now known as Nazca lines, is a group of geoglyphs that take different shapes and sizes. While some are merely straight lines, others take the shape of plants, geometric figures, and animals such as – a hummingbird, spider, dog, pelican, monkey, and whale, among others. It is still not known what these patterns represent or who created them, and this has made the area a mystery for many years. Their enormous size adds to the confusion, and many even believe aliens were involved in these mysterious patterns.

3 Sedona, Arizona

Sedona has long been considered one of the most spiritual locations in the world due to its energy vortexes. Besides its scenic atmosphere characterized by red rocks that glow under the evening and morning sun, Sedona is also riddled with mysteries. It is said that there are spots in this desert city where the earth’s energy is concentrated. People have come from all over the world to feel this energy as it is believed to heal the mind and help one meditate. When in Sedona, book one of these hotels for incredible views and also stay the night to enjoy one of the best stargazing experiences in the world.

2 Tulum, Mexico

Tulum has been a spiritual destination since ancient times. One popular characteristic of the area is that it is the location of an energy vortex. As with destinations around the world considered to be locations of energy vortexes, Tulum is believed to possess some kind of energy that helps in restoring balance in the lives of humans. This has made the area popular for seekers of healing and spiritual satisfaction. The area is also known for its stunning cultural attractions, beautiful white sand beaches, and other tropical features that make it a perfect escape from city life.

1 Stonehenge, United Kingdom

For hundreds of years, this prehistoric stone monument known as Stonehenge has been a mystery to the world. Excavations have been carried out on the site, and the timeline of Stonehenge’s construction has been discovered, but its purpose remains unknown. While some believe it was a religious site, others believe it was a burial site or even a ceremonial place, and the theories go on. Despite the mystery surrounding it, Stonehenge is one of the UK’s most popular attractions. Its peak visitation period is during the start of the summer solstice, when visitors from all over the world come to witness the sun radiating magically over the monument.


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