5 travel tips over the August bank holiday weekend


Thousands of people around the country are set to enjoy a long weekend as the summer bank holiday is here.

Road traffic is expected to be heavier than usual as millions of people take to the roads – whether it’s for a trip to the beach or driving back from visiting friends and family.

Ahead of the bank holiday rush, the AA has issued  an amber warning for traffic estimating that 45% of UK drivers will take to the roads for a non-commuting journey between Friday and Monday, with around 15 million leisure trips planned for the weekend.

Roads are expected to be exceptionally busy from Friday until Tuesday but the AA predicts that  leisure traffic will reach its peak on Saturday between 10am and 4pm.

With that in mind, Claims.co.uk has provided their top tips on staying safe on the road over the bank holiday weekend.

Britain’s motorways. Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images

5 travel safety tips for drivers over the bank holiday

It’s best to stick to basics, ensure that you’re not too distracted, ensure seat belts are used correctly and deal with any phone calls, texts, emails and navigation systems (if needed) before you set off.

Also check the essentials of the car. Check tyre pressure, brake fluid, screenwash, oil before you set off too.

Becoming dehydrated, especially on a long journey is dangerous as you can lose your focus and concentration.

The Met Office is predicting another hot weekend with temperatures to exceed 20C+ in most areas in the UK, so have plenty of fluid before and take regular breaks where you can drink some more too.

One of the hardest parts of driving is manoeuvring, so make sure that before you do it, you can. If you’re not confident you can do a manoeuvre safely, don’t do it.

Be patient with other road users

Some other drivers may be new on the road, or just not as confident as you. Maintain safety and be wary to not try and force them into changing their style to avoid any potential danger.

Refresh your road rules knowledge

When you start to drive for a prolonged period of time, you may fall into some habits that could compromise your safety. However, being aware of all driving regulations should be a priority for every road user. This is especially important when driving in standstill traffic.


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