6 Pet-friendly Destinations in India to Make Paw-Some Memories With Your Furry Friends


Pet-Friendly Destinations in India: We understand how painful it can be to say goodbye to your beloved pet before going on vacation. Pet parents want to take their fur babies out to lunch, to the store, and even on vacation with them. We understand how difficult travelling with your pet can be because it is inconvenient. As a result, individuals either leave their pet with a family member or hire a pet boarding service.Also Read – Climate, Community and Choice: Survey Reveals the Trends Shaping Sustainable Travel in 2022

Good news for pet parents! Many tourist spots now allow pets to accompany visitors. Furthermore, our paw-some companions have full access to all shared spaces, services, and facilities at these locations. Traveling with your pets helps them learn and grow. Not only does it offer a lifetime experience and bucket full of memories but it also helps your dog in a different environment. Also Read – Best Place in India For Kids’ Summer Vacation: Cordelia Cruises Offers Starry Nights, Wonderland And Other Exciting Activities

Here are the top 6 pet-friendly destinations in India:

1. Puducherry

Puducherry: Pet-friendly destination in India (Picture Source: Unsplash)

The union territory of Puducherry, which is located on the Arabian Sea coast, is a great vacation spot for both you and your four-legged companion. It is a lovely little hamlet on India’s southern coast, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. The outstanding characteristic is the unusual French architecture, tree-lined streets, colonial heritage buildings, and endless expanses of unspoiled beaches. The pet-friendly Dune Eco Village and Spa, an exciting artist hotel, is the icing on top. It is one of India’s best eco-friendly hotels, emphasising natural living and environmental preservation. Also Read – Britons Break for Easter But Will Foreign Tourists Return to the UK?

2. Goa

Goa Travel

Goa: Pet-friendly destination in India (Picture Source: Unsplash)

Goa is India’s most exciting tourist destination, with its nightlife, culture, cuisine, and stunning beaches. Goa can really be described as India’s mini-paradise.  Even more so when it comes to your pet. The majority of Goa’s homestays allow and encourage pet-friendly vacations.  To top it off, Arco Iris, one of Goa’s beautiful homestays, is one of the few places in India that serves to support pet-friendly vacations.

3. Pushkar


Pushkar: Pet-friendly destinations in India (Picture Source: Unsplash)

Pushkar, in Rajasthan, is surrounded on three sides by hills and on the fourth, by sand dunes. Religion, legacy, culture, and hospitality are all bundled into one panoramic scene in this old town that hums its own beat. The town of Pushkar, which sits on the banks of the majestic Pushkar Lake, is unlike any other tourist destination. The Foothills Camp, just a ten-minute drive from Pushkar’s main town, is ideal for all of your pet-friendly travel requirements.

4. Ooty


Ooty: Pet-friendly destinations in India (Picture Source: Unsplash)

Ooty is one of India’s recognised and traveled hill stations. The destination with its many hills, lush valleys, and gorgeous lakes, will allow you and your pet to take a stroll and enjoy the good weather and unparalleled splendour. One of India’s most popular farm resorts, Destiny Farm Resort, offers pet-friendly accommodations where your four-legged pal may run about and make friends with other farm animals.

5. Rishikesh


Rishikesh: Pet-friendly destination in India (Picture Source: Unsplash)

Picture sitting on the Ganges ghats, gazing out over the tranquil river, or out camping and seeing a million stars cluttering the night sky. This is what you should expect to feel and see when you visit Rishikesh. Bulls Retreat is one of Rishikesh’s most gorgeous and pet-friendly hotels. A large green grass greets you as you enter the hotel, where the dogs enjoy playing.

6. Mussoorie


Mussoorie: Pet-friendly destinations in India (Picture Source: Unsplash)

The area has it all, from breathtaking mountain peaks to peaceful local roads to a burst of energy. Mussoorie, a popular pet-friendly resort, is a great place to visit both in summer and winter. This charming little hill town is ideal for both the rushed traveller and those seeking relief from the scorching heat. Hotel Nand Residency has established a high bar for other businesses in the area. The hotel encourages pet-friendly tourism and allows you to exercise your dogs while taking in the scenery.

So, where are you going with your pet this summer? Let us know.


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