Al Bahah Is One of Saudi Arabia’s Most Popular Travel Destinations


Al Bahah is a town that sits at the heart of Al Bahah region, also serving as an entry point to the nearby Asir region. Beyond its city landscape, however, are everything that has put the region on travel lists: lush greenery, rocky mountains, tourist attractions, and a historical site dating back 400 years.

Situated near the Asir region has allowed Al Bahah to experience favorable climate, hence allowing the countryside to be covered in greenery. In fact, the area is home to some of the Kingdom’s juniper trees, found in some 50 forests, in addition to agricultural fields and honey production. Indeed, it is easy to see how it earned the title the “Garden of Hijaz.”

For instance, situated between Al Bahah city and Taif is Raghadan Forest, known for its stunning greenery and mountains, whereas the region’s Khairah Forest Park is home to some of the Kingdom’s diverse vegetation and a local waterfall. Baljureshi also offers a stunning view of Jebel Heznah with trees and lush grassland surrounding it.

In fact, Al Bahah has so much to offer to both locals and tourists. For instance, Raghadan Forest is also home to the region’s ancient market and festival venue. Al Bahah Souk, which is the city’s largest souk, offers a traditional shopping experience every Tuesday. Tourists may also visit Al Bahah Museum for Antiquities and National Heritage, which is a great way to learn about the Kingdom’s heritage from prehistoric to modern times.

Situated 24 kilometers south of the city is also one of the Kingdom’s historical landmarks. Also known as the Marble Village, Dhee Ayn is believed to date back 400 years, putting it around the time of Ottoman rule. One of its noticeable features are its towers, commonly referred to as “qasaba,” which some believe to have once served at the village’s watchtowers hence earning the region the title “the region of 1,001 towers.”

Presently, a banana plantation oversees Dhee Ayn with palm trees surrounding the historical site, as it simultaneously blends with the nearby Sarawat Mountain. Furthermore, visitors will be greeted to a local spring at the lower part of the hill, which may have lured the original residents of Dhee Ayn. Indeed, Al Bahah is one of the Kingdom’s most popular travel destinations famous for its tourist attractions and nature. You can easily travel to either destination, but you can also book a guided tour for the best experience.


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