Alberta Tourism Website Creates Map for Locations in HBO’s The Last of Us


The Last of Us, HBO’s latest hit series, was filmed entirely in Alberta, so Travel Alberta is compiling all the locations seen in the show in one handy guide for tourists looking to explore the province.

The website claims the series is the largest film production ever completed in Alberta and explained that some of the scenes in the show included downtown Calgary, the Legislature Building in Edmonton, Fort Macleod, Canmore, and Calgary’s SAIT and Mount Royal University.

Though only three episodes have aired so far, Travel Alberta hasn’t missed a beat, updating the article shortly after each episode releases.

The series premiere “When You’re Lost in the Darkness” showed off downtown Calgary, the Beaver Dam Flats and its Inglewood neighbourhood as well Fort Macleod and other small shops in the area.

Travel Alberta doesn’t just list the tourist attractions, however. It also added descriptions of each location and a bit of history. The website follows the same formula for the next two episodes, where it lists the locations visited in the show and explains what makes them stand out.

With seven episodes to go, Travel Alberta still has a lot of ground to cover as the story is far from over with much more travelling involved for Joel and Ellie.

HBO recently renewed The Last of Us for a second season.


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