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AAA and other businesses offered tips for travellers to get the best experience during their break as part of National Plan Your Vacation Day.

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As pandemic conditions neared its end, AAA reported seeing a 150 percent jump in yearning travellers booking flights through the company’s services. News Center 7 Reporter Xavier Hershovitz reported from the Dayton International Airport to gauge travellers before their trip.

“We love, love, love to travel,” Pam Groff, of West Milton, exclaimed as she was about to catch a flight to Chicago to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. “I love to travel. My parents are in heaven now. But, they went to all seven continents for fun, and my dad for work. So, we love to travel.”

“It’s all God’s creation and it’s all so beautiful. And, just to experience it in person is wonderful,” Groff continued.

Hershovitz explained how this was not a unique experience.

“If you ask the people in the office, they’ll tell you every day of the last year and half has plan your vacation day,” Tony Huffman, owner of Huffman Travel, informed.

Huffman said his company has remained busy since COVID-19 with the pandemic limiting travel to inside the United States. However, after travel bans lifted across the world, demand for travel outside the United States shot “way, way up.”

With more and more people beginning to travel once again, Huffman recommended to book early.

“They’re not selling their capacity. So if a hotel has 100 rooms they may only put 75 of them in the rental pool,” Huffman said.

Huffman suggested that hotels are limited in their capacity because of their struggle to hire employees. So, they are “shifting how they operate,” Hershovitz reported.

Under these circumstances, AAA offered six tips for travel in 2023:

  • Work with a travel advisor – Given the staffing challenges that continue to disrupt air travel, flight delays or cancellations are not uncommon. A trusted advisor can help you explore options, book the best deals and advocate on your behalf should any issues arise, ensuring the best possible travel experience from beginning to end.
  • Book early – Flights, hotels, tours, cruises and car rentals remain at a premium. The earlier you book, the better chance to lock in favorable rates and take advantage of discounts for pre-paying.
  • Protect your investment – Consider travel insurance. A solid policy provides a safety net should something unexpected happen ahead of or during your trip. Policies vary, so talk to your travel advisor about options. They know you, your trip, your budget and your specific needs and can easily walk you through what travel insurance policy makes the most sense.
  • Protect your ID – In addition to protecting physical documents such as your passport, travelers should take extra steps to avoid identity theft, an inconvenience at any time but especially when traveling. AAA Members get FREE Identify Theft Protection with their Membership, and it is one of our most valued offerings.
  • Track your luggage – Pack peace of mind by including a tracking device in your luggage. That way, if your luggage does not arrive when you do, at least you will be able to see where it is and ensure its safe return. Trackers are available at most AAA Retail locations or online at Shop.ClubAlliance.AAA.com.
  • Exchange for foreign currency in advance – AAA Retail locations offer most foreign currencies. Exchange in advance to ensure you have some money on hand as soon as you touch down.


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