Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Just Launched Its Own Podcast



In a Caribbean first, Antigua and Barbuda has become the first regional tourist board with its own official podcast. 

It’s called “The Beach Is Just the Beginning,” and it’s hosted by travel writer and journalist Peter Moore. 

The focus of the podcast, which is on both Spotify and Amazon Podcasts, is “authentic stories from Antigua and Barbuda,” with a multi-episode series “that transports listeners to Antigua and Barbuda with authentic stories and tales direct from the twin-island nation,” according to the ABTA. 

Topics range from the 40th anniversary of the country’s independence to a journey through Nelson’s Dockyard, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, to Antigua’s growth as a self-care destination. 

There’s also an episode exclusively focused on life in Barbuda. 

For more, visit The Beach Is Just The Beginning. 


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