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Travel can be expensive, but travelers using the best loyalty and rewards programs are offered plenty of opportunities to earn free or discounted travel and hotel rooms through everyday spending on gas, groceries and other purchases.

To find the best ones, we invited a panel of travel and miles-and-points experts to share their favorite programs for American travelers – the credit cards, frequent flyer programs and hotel loyalty programs with the best earning potential, flexibility, extra perks and ease of redemption. Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite and help us name the 10 Bbst of 2022 for each category.

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Best Airline Credit Card

Which airline has the best credit card reward program? — Photo courtesy of Image Source // Getty Images

Free flights, priority boarding, upgrades and no luggage fees – these are just some of the rewards you receive when you start making purchases with a good airline co-branded credit card. Now we need you to help us select a winner by voting for your favorite.

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Best Frequent Flyer Program

These frequent traveler programs offer passengers big benefitsThese frequent traveler programs offer passengers big benefits — Photo courtesy of Nutthaseth Vanchaichana // Getty Images

Savvy frequent travelers know that loyalty to a specific airline can translate to big savings on flights and upgrades. But not all loyalty programs work the same or have equal benefits. 10Best editors teamed up with a miles-and-points expert to nominate the nation’s most worthwhile programs – those offering several ways to earn and redeem miles, great coverage and plenty of flight options when it comes time to book that free trip.

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Best Hotel Credit Card

The rewards on these hotel credit cards can add up quicklyThe rewards on these hotel credit cards can add up quickly — Photo courtesy of itsskin // Getty Images

Free upgrades, early check-in, extra nights and other perks are all benefits of purchasing through a good hotel or travel co-branded credit card. 10Best editors teamed up with a panel of miles-and-points experts to nominate the best on the market for American travelers, based on perks, redemption rates and other benefits. Which one gets your vote?

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Best Hotel Loyalty Program

From early check-in to free stays, these hotels offer some of the best perks to loyal membersFrom early check-in to free stays, these hotels offer some of the best perks to loyal members — Photo courtesy of Charday Penn // Getty Images

Just about every hotel brand offers some kind of loyalty program for their guests, rewarding frequent stays with discounted or free nights, among other perks (upgrades, free Wi-Fi, late checkout). With so many programs to choose from, how do you pick the right one to save big bucks on travel? We asked a miles-and-points expert to nominate their favorites, and now we need you to crown a winner.

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Best Rewards Credit Card

These credit cards offer big rewardsThese credit cards offer big rewards — Photo courtesy of globalmoments // Getty Images

A good rewards credit card offers users greater flexibility on how they earn and redeem points with no need to fly the same airline, stay in the same hotel chain or rent from the same car company on every trip. We asked a panel of miles-and-points experts to tell us their favorite general rewards credit cards, and now it’s your turn to vote.

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on on Friday, October 21.


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