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Mr Albertynas said: “Our developers have been surprised with this every time they find a lower rate after signing out and not by choosing the prices offered to their loyal account.”

Rates on mobile vs desktop 

The prices also significantly vary depending on which device you’re booking from. 

Mr Albertynas said: “, for example, has special prices on mobile devices for some hotels. But you don’t even need the booking website to have this feature: the prices still often vary.”

Hidden taxes and fees 

Various taxes and fees are included in the price of your stay, which isn’t a problem. It’s the sites that don’t always include this in the whole price displayed on the website.

Mr Albertynas said: “Expedia, as an example, shows prices without taxes, and that’s why they seem lower than on competitors’ websites.”

Random price increases 

This tip has been known for longer, but if you keep searching for the same flights and hotels from the same device, the price increases. 

However, the solution often provided, which is to browse with the incognito mode on, is more like a placebo effect.


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