Home Tourism Destinations Across Arizona: Top 11 Must-See Spots In Photos

Destinations Across Arizona: Top 11 Must-See Spots In Photos

Destinations Across Arizona: Top 11 Must-See Spots In Photos

ARIZONA — Planning your next vacation or trip to Arizona?

Look no further than this list of local landmarks and destinations. From taking a trip to the Vermilion Cliffs to driving on Route 66 to the town of Kingman, there is something for everyone in the Grand Canyon State.

Here are some ideas to consider when planning an excursion to and around Arizona.

Petrified Forest National Park

The park is known for its brightly colored petrified wood. Traverse trails in the park for mesmerizing hues of the landscape and marbled pieces of wood.(Shutterstock)


Visit the Heard Museum in Phoenix to see American Indian art. Current exhibits at the museum include silver jewelry and the exhibit “100 Years of Inspiring Art.” (Manuela Durson/Shutterstock)

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Located in Camp Verde, the Montezuma Castle National Monument is a well-preserved dwelling that was used by a pre-Columbian culture known as the Sinagua. The monument is open seven days a week. (Shutterstock)

Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Explore the trails of the rocky striped Vermilion Cliffs. The cliffs are located in Marble Canyon and open 24 hours. (Shutterstock)


Travel back in time to the Wild West by visiting Tombstone. Watch re-enactments of a cowboy fight at the O.K. Corral and see the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park. (Sean Pavone/Shutterstock)

The Rosson House

This historic home in Phoenix is a museum dedicated to architect A.P. Petit and the Rosson family in Heritage Square. The Victorian-style home is open for tours Thursday through Sunday. (Shutterstock)

Antelope Canyon


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