Flight attendant says ‘wearing sunglasses’ is best way to avoid jet lag – ‘Works for me’ | Travel News | Travel


“A quick workout after my flight (or post-flight power nap) or early morning exercise the next day seems to work the best for me but getting your body moving at any point is one of the surest ways to feel like yourself again.”

She continued: “The main clock that regulates your body’s circadian rhythm is kept just behind your eyes. It’s located there in part because your brain uses light to help synchronize itself to the world, which means you need as much light as possible when you’re supposed to be awake and as little as possible when you’re supposed to be asleep.

“I like to head outside and walk around or go for a long outdoor run to get some sunshine and help my body adjust, and I try and turn off the TV and all my electronic devices well ahead of the time I’d like to be asleep by.”

Managing Director of eurochange, Charles Stewart, also recommended getting sunlight to avoid jet-lag fatigue.


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