Flight attendant travel tips: ‘Essentials’ to pack in carry-on – expert hack | Travel News | Travel


She also packs a “laundry bag that compacts very small.”

The flight attendants said it “comes in handy when you need to separate dirty clothes or shoes.

“Lastly, this medicine bag in which I like to keep lotion, chapstick, Advil, earplugs.

Anything that I’m going to need for the flight, and I keep it by me the entire time.”

Another flight attendant told travellers a piece of clothing to “always, always pack” when travelling on a plane.

The travel packing tip was shared by cabin crew professional Caroline, 28, from Florida.

She shares her travel advice on her TikTok account where she boasts 82.8K followers. 

She said: “This is simple but I can’t tell you how many times a day I get asked for a blanket by someone wearing shorts and a crop top on the plane.

“Always, always, always bring a sweatshirt on the plane, to the airport.”


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