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With flight cancellations becoming a common occurrence, many Britons are opting for staycations rather than travelling abroad. For wherever you’re heading, Axel Hefer, Managing Director and CEO of Trivago, exclusively told his top tips for booking the perfect hotel stay.

At the moment, most Britons are keen to cut costs where they can.

Axel’s first tip was to be savvy when booking a hotel, revealing when the cheapest deals may be found.

He explained: “There are huge savings to be had if you check the dates.”

Which day you decide to sit down to book a hotel stay is key, according to the expert.

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Holding off until the end of the week may be Britons’ best bet for cheap accommodation.

He stated: “Our data shows that if you book your holidays on a Friday you will get the best deals.”

And to get “an even better offer”, Axel suggested that holidaymakers think outside the box when it comes to dates.

For those who are not restricted to taking their trips during the summer, winter and Easter breaks – or weekends – booking at more random times can save Britons money.


Axel suggested: “Read the hotel reviews before booking. When reviewing your chosen accommodation, ensure you’re also checking out other guest comments, not just the star rating.

“It is hardly surprising that more people are turning to review websites before booking a room, plus there is an increasing level of trust in online reviews.”

Hotel stayers will provide an honest review of the rooms, facilities, food, and staff, hopefully stopping you from getting misled by false advertising.

Finally, it is important to check out where the hotel is situated.

The accommodation might be fabulous, but if it is too far away from the city centre or the attractions you are hoping to visit, this may add several further costs.

A cheap hotel may not feel so cheap when holidaymakers have to spend a fortune on taxis or public transport.

For when transport is needed, Axel further added: “It is worth choosing a destination where local transport is available so it is easier to get around. “Also, it is important to check whether the location of the accommodation is in a safe area.

“You can check this yourself by researching online to see if there is any recent media coverage mentioning the area in a negative light or if it is a recommended destination to visit on the government’s website. “Additionally, check in with your insurance provider to see if the location is included within their cover and policy.”


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