Most Popular Summer Destinations In Switzerland


Swiss Park Barometer Show

Most popular summer destinations in Switzerland

Why look in the distance? Many Swiss people searched for their homeland in this scorching heat. Parking app EasyPark’s parking barometer knows the hotspots of the summer of 2022.


Based on the use of parking spaces, the EasyPark app has determined the most popular excursions in Switzerland in the summer of 2022.

Chaos at airports, heat at long-distance destinations – we chose to stay in the country: although there were hardly any coronavirus measures and we could travel practically anywhere, many Swiss explored their country by car again . This is shown by the Easypark parking barometer.

In the months of June, July and August, the app recorded more than double parking transactions in Switzerland compared to the previous year. 111% more parking fees were paid through the app. Once again more tourists came from abroad. Compared to the previous summer, 42 percent more foreign vehicles were parked in Swiss car parks.

Where do car tourists come from?

About 15 percent of the vehicles had German number plates. The French followed with nine percent and the Dutch with five percent. Tourists from Italy, Austria, Belgium and Spain also parked in Switzerland. But about 60 percent of the cars in our parking lots are owned by local vehicles.

The mountains and lakes were an especially popular summer destination. EasyPark compared the increase in parking transactions during June, July and August versus January to May. Accordingly, Kanderstag bey is the absolute summer hotspot with 77 percent more vehicles in the parking lot. Interlaken BE, Spiej BE and Wallenstadt SG shared second place with 65 percent.

Other places in the top 10 (see table) show that no sector was given priority. In addition to the Bernese Oberland, Swiss tourists were also attracted to eastern Switzerland, Lake Geneva and Ticino. The most popular cantons were Zurich, Bern and Ticino with 28 percent more vehicles in parking lots.

Where are the Swiss women going?

Some Swiss women also lived out of their wanderings abroad. By far the most popular was Italy, where EasyPark recorded 41 percent of all parking transactions for Swiss vehicles abroad. In second place with 21 percent follows larger neighbor Germany to the north. Swiss parking spaces were also used in Sweden (9%), Denmark (8%), France (7%) and Norway (5%).

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