I’m a travel expert – I follow these three tips to save money on flights


A FLIGHT expert has revealed their three tips for saving money on flight bookings, by making the most of the time of year.

Summer has almost finished, but winter holiday deals are now available, while airline prices are starting to drop, and are predicted to fall further in autumn, according to Hopper.


Booking flights in September, or 3-5 months before a trip, could save you moneyCredit: Alamy

Anton Radchenko, founder of AirAdvisor has explained why now could be the perfect time to book flights and how to make the most of the dropping prices.

He has offered three tips for helping to stretch your money out further when booking flights.

September is the cheapest time to book

Traveling overseas can be expensive, however booking in September – at the end of summer, but before the Christmas season – can secure you the best prices possible.

Anton said: “Not only will you see reduced pricing in airline costs during this time, you will also find less expensive accommodation.”

Fewer people tend to travel during this time of the year, so you are more likely to find a cheaper hotel and save even more money on a trip.

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Change already booked flights for cheaper ones

Have you already booked a flight, then found a ticket for less than what you paid?

There are ways to rebook your flight that will allow you to save money on a trip you were already planning on taking.

Many airlines have removed cancellation and change fees, so if you notice a cheaper flight with the same airline, it’s best to call them directly to discuss changing your flight.

If the cheaper flight is with a different airline, check the current airline’s cancellation policy before booking with the cheaper option to ensure you can get a refund.

Book around 3-5 months in advance if possible

Anyone hoping to get away for Christmas should definitely start looking at flights now.

However, Anton recommends booking 3-5 months in advance to make sure you get a good price on your trip.

He said: “Right now is the best time to travel if you are looking to save some money, however, buying a ticket 3-5 months before your trip is the best timeframe for the lowest costs as well.

“If you are looking to travel over the Christmas period, right now may be your best bet for the cheapest flight.”

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An airline revealed seven ways to find cheaper flights earlier this year.

These hacks could help you save on flights and accommodation.

Anton's tips could help you save money on a winter or summer getaway


Anton’s tips could help you save money on a winter or summer getawayCredit: Getty


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