Kashmir’s Wular Lake to get non-motorable walkway to boost tourism


Kashmir’s Wular Lake, which is one of South Asia’s largest freshwater lakes, will soon get a non-motorable walkway. The lake is located near Bandipora town in North Kashmir, and is a famous tourist spot.

Recently, during the Wular Festival, the Division Commissioner stated that a non-motorable walkway will be built around the lake to lure more tourists. His words came as a sigh of relief to the people of the region, as according to the local residents, the governments have not been paying enough attention to this lake, thereby taking it to the brink of destruction.

The lake is rich in terms of various natural resources and biodiversity. The Divisional Commissioner further added that the lake has the potential to change the socio-economic status of people of the region.

Reports have it that the valley has been witnessing a record tourist footfall this year, and that the walkway will only boost tourist footfall in the region.

As per the locals, the governments have not been paying much attention from time to time in conserving the Wular Lake, despite it being one of the largest lakes in Asia, and has remained neglected for years by different governments.

The locals now are hoping that the new developments will not only help provide employment opportunities to the local people, but will also help in boosting tourism in the region.


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