Nurses Can Win a Free Vacation to One of Hundreds of Destinations


The nightly applause and deluge of free food may have subsided since the height of the pandemic, but there are still companies (and individuals!) out there showing their appreciation for the hard work that nurses do daily. It is work that is too often thankless, and hopefully, that changes some during Nurse Appreciation Week in May.

One big perk nurses will find is the opportunity to win a vacation with Selina, a company that pairs travelers with unique stays and experiences around the world. It is giving away 20 trips that can be used at more than 100 locations in 25 countries, depending on the kind of getaway that the winning nurses need right now. 

Selina is making the giveaway available exclusively to nurses. Two will win a 30-night stay at any Selina location. Eight will win a seven-night stay, and 10 others will win a two-night stay. It’s a great way to start the summer, even if you don’t use the free stay until later in the year. Though, nurses should be aware that travel expenses are not covered. The stay is on the house, but the flight will have to be purchased. Or not if you’re lucky and looking for a staycation. A representative tells Thrillist that there are seven Selina properties inside the US.

Nurses must show proof of employment as a nurse if they win, and they can win by filling out the application here before May 16. 


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