Seda Nuvali Tower 2: Your Next-Level Staycation Destination within the South 


Stay at Seda Nuvali Tower 2: A Haven of Comfort & Leisure

Living in Santa Rosa for nearly three many years now, I’m no stranger to the sly winks and nudges, with folks teasingly asking, “So palagi ka sigurong nasa Enchanted Kingdom, no?” (So that you’re at all times at Enchanted Kingdom, huh?”

Now, while the allure of that theme park is undeniable, there’s a hidden gem on this charming suburb that I absolutely adore. Let me spill the beans on Seda Nuvali—where families find their pleased place, the air is crisper in comparison with the busy metro, and rest is the secret.

Stay at Seda Nuvali Tower 2
Stay at Seda Nuvali Tower 2

Nestled in the center of Nuvali, Seda Nuvali has been my recent alternative for a staycation, and it didn’t disappoint. With its latest renovations, it has upped the ante, offering an experience like no other. Let me walk you thru what the brand new tower has to supply.

Armand Angeles, General Manager of Seda Nuvali said, “As we unveil Seda Nuvali Tower 2, we take great pride in introducing a recent chapter in our commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences,” He adds, “Our Lifestyle Hotel concept is redefining the boundaries between leisure and business, making a space where every guest can seamlessly transition from work to play and back again. Our aim is to supply a sanctuary where tranquility, productivity, and the local charm converge. We look ahead to welcoming guests to this remarkable destination in the center of Nuvali, where every moment becomes a possibility to craft cherished memories.” 

The Latest Tower: A World of Upgrades

Aerial Shot Seda Nuvali Pool
Aerial Shot Seda Nuvali Pool

Designed with business people in mind, Seda Nuvali’s recent tower has truly set a recent standard in luxury and created spaces for families. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a business retreat, this place has you covered.

The tower now features spacious suites, a surprising ballroom, and extra meeting venues that cater to numerous events. Need a workout during your stay? You’re in luck! The gym has been expanded and improved, providing you with a greater fitness experience. Families will appreciate the addition of a children’s playroom and a Game Room to maintain the little ones entertained.

For those moments while you’d fairly chill out in your room, Seda Nuvali has made it convenient for you. Just scan the In-Room Dining QR code present in your room, and you’ll be able to explore a wide array of Misto classics, all delivered straight to your step.

In the event you’re a business pro on the move, you’ll be able to take a look at their co-working space on the ninth floor of Tower 1. They’ve got options for 4-hour and 8-hour slots, so you’ll be able to dive into your work with a focused mindset.

Enjoy speedy Wi-Fi and treat yourself to a variety of tasty snacks and refreshments – because who says work can’t be just a little delightful? It’s not only a workspace; it’s where your productivity meets a chill vibe.

The Range of Rooms to Suit Your Needs

Family Suite at Seda Nuvali
Family Suite at Seda Nuvali

Team Out of Town was supplied with a Family Suite room, which incorporates a Master Bedroom with a writing desk, a rest room with a shower and tub, a children’s room with a double-deck bed, and a living area, ideal for two adults and 2-3 children.

Moreover, the hotel’s second tower opens up a world of possibilities, allowing guests to seamlessly mix rest and productivity. The newly added suites are designed to accommodate business travelers looking for the luxurious of space or local guests who wish to stick with their members of the family.

The Suite and Executive Suite options are perfect for those desiring a separate living area from the bedroom, catering to top executives on business travel or couples preparing for his or her wedding day. 

Also, keep a watch out for the upcoming Seda Suite, set to open soon on the topmost floor. This exclusive suite offers an abundance of space, featuring full-sized living and dining areas to your utmost comfort. Plus, you’ll have the pleasure of having fun with breathtaking views of the magnificent man-made lake.

Enchanting Corners of Santa Rosa

Nuvali Boat Ride
Nuvali Boat Ride

Seda Nuvali just isn’t nearly luxurious accommodations; it’s also concerning the vibrant community surrounding it. You possibly can take pleasure in a shopping spree at Solenad, where you’ll find an array of outlets to satisfy your retail therapy cravings. The dining options in the realm are abundant, offering a various range of cuisines to satiate your taste buds.

As a family-oriented destination, Nuvali provides various activities for everybody. You possibly can take leisurely walks, bike across the scenic lake, and even rent a kayak to explore the waters. There’s something for everybody on this enchanting corner of Santa Rosa.

A Culinary Finale at Misto Restaurant

Before you bid farewell to your Nuvali staycation, be certain to dine at Misto Restaurant.  Indulge yourself at Misto restaurant, where you’ll be able to dive right into a number of à la carte dishes or go for the fastidiously crafted Filipino Bundles.

These bundles offer three unique menu sets full of a delicious number of traditional Filipino delights, like Kare-kare, Pinakbet, Crispy Tadyang, Pancit Canton, and Seafood Bicol Express. And the very best part? All of it comes with steaming hot rice and iced tea, a steal at just PHP 3,200 net, perfect for a celebration of 5. Time to treat your taste buds to a feast!

Pool at Seda Nuvali Tower 2
Pool at Seda Nuvali Tower 2

Exciting Offers

As the vacations approach, Seda Nuvali is offering up a couple of treats for its guests, whether or not they are visiting for a work-cation, raring for some excitement with the family, or simply simply seeking to spend some quality time under the sun. 

  • Nuvali EK-sperience: Book a magical staycation for as little as PHP 7,300 net and get 2 regular day passes to Enchanted Kingdom. This exclusive offer features a stay in a Deluxe Room, 2 regular day passes to Enchanted Kingdom, and complimentary breakfast. Available until December 28, 2023.
  • Pre-Holiday Getaway: Treat your family members to a day of rest and tranquility. For as little as Php 5,500 net, breathe within the cool breeze at Seda NUVALI and create heartfelt memories in our newest amenities and facilities.
  • Coffee-nectivity: Enjoy three hours of unlimited coffee, tea, and pastries for less than PHP 275 net (brewed coffee and hot tea) or PHP 300 net (espresso and chocolate drinks, hot or iced). Available until December 31, 2023 from 2:00 to five:00 PM.
  • Filipino Bundles: Bring your loved ones and friends to Misto and revel in your favorite Filipino dishes to your next heartfelt bindings. Php 3,200 | Good for five individuals All platters include iced-tea and steamed rice.
  • Artisanal Honey-Glazed Ham: Have fun gift giving with Misto’s signature cured ham with sweet-savory flavor, tender-crisp meat and glazed with authentic Palawan honey for less than Php 1,700 net (1KG).
  • Baker’s Corner: Select from a combination of freshly baked indulgences made with all natural ingredients consciously curated, making your holidays extra sweet and comfortable.
  • Festive Season Buffet: Spend an unforgettable Christmas feast at Seda NUVALI featuring fiery flavors ranging from international favorites to local classics. Christmas Eve Dinner | Php 2,700 net per person

As a Santa Rosa resident, Seda Nuvali isn’t only a hotel; it’s a gem in our backyard. It offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of day by day life, and it’s a reminder that Santa Rosa has more to supply than simply amusement parks.

So, my advice to you, fellow locals, is to think about Seda Nuvali to your next staycation. With its latest renovations, outstanding facilities, and the natural fantastic thing about Nuvali at your step, you’ll experience a stay like no other.

It’s not only a stay; it’s a journey into the center of our charming suburb, and a reminder that there’s a lot to explore right here in our hometown. Seda Nuvali: where luxury meets the charm of Santa Rosa.

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