Hero Hub’s Growth with LBC Solutions North America


Manila, Philippines: When local toy retailer Hero Hub set its sights on scaling its business, they were presented with one significant hurdle: its vision was greater than its infrastructure.

While their connection to the biggest specialty comic shop within the Philippines, Comic Odyssey, gave them leverage, the logistics required for his or her vision were so daunting that Kevin Chan, who heads Hero Hub Ventures, Inc., didn’t even know where to start out.

LBC Hero Hub
LBC Hero Hub

Their company makes a speciality of selling collectibles corresponding to Funko Pop!s, K-Pop merchandise, Japanese motion figures, stuffed toys, and trading cards,

“We actually didn’t know the importation process. So it was very difficult for us to have an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution,” Chan explained in reference to constructing his brand.

Enter LBC Business Solutions

The collaboration between Hero Hub and LBC Solutions North America proved to be the catalyst the brand needed to expand its business effectively.

“Hero Hub’s ambition was clear, however the path to expansion was logistically difficult. That’s where we stepped in to show those challenges into opportunities,” explained Hugo Bonilla, LBC’s SVP for North America Sales and Operations.

Before collaborating with LBC, Hero Hub faced plenty of difficulties, primarily with importation. The corporate lacked an efficient and scalable process, often resorting to makeshift methods like borrowing importer’s licenses. But with LBC’s assistance, they found a more structured, cost-effective, and quick strategy to import products.

LBC Solutions NAM provided Hero Hub with a sturdy support system that might allow the fledgling retailer the chance to expand their operations, not only locally, but internationally. Chalk it as much as LBC Solutions’ understanding of the intricacies of worldwide trade and commerce—which might only be attributed to their legacy within the industry. For LBC, their popularity isn’t just rooted within the brand’s longevity. Their expertise and understanding of the business means they’ll effectively create bespoke solutions for his or her partners, ensuring that they can reap the advantages set in place by LBC. It’s a partnership that demonstrates how LBC’s expertise and flexibility can transform operational challenges into scalable growth opportunities.

LBC Hero Hub North America
LBC Hero Hub North America

From guiding them about the perfect rates to preemptively warning them about potential delays, LBC Solutions was there every step of the best way. “LBC Solutions principally adjusts to what we want,” says Chan. This flexibility and flexibility, especially when faced with a supplier who was also unfamiliar with local importation laws across different territories, proved invaluable for Hero Hub’s growth.

The outcomes of their collaboration are most evident in Hero Hub’s growth. What began with one store has now expanded to 12 across different locations all over the world. “[LBC Solutions] principally allowed us to scale and really grow the business,” he adds.

“With Hero Hub, we saw an organization filled with potential held back by logistical challenges. But we pride ourselves on our ability to supply practical solutions that make real differences for businesses. We’re proud to have been an element of Hero Hub’s impressive growth and are at all times able to help other businesses find their way forward,” said Bonilla.

Hero Hub’s partnership with LBC Solutions underscores the importance of the precise alliances in business. Working together allowed Hero Hub to beat operational challenges and achieve significant growth. And their success shows how strategic partnerships can pave the best way for achievement.

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